DATE                            25.02.12


DISTANCE                  ABOUT 6 .7 MILES




The route today was picked by my long suffering walking partner Cheviot Stroller ( Yvonne) who suggested Carey Burn , no problem as I hadn"t been  up that way for some time , once again we didn't have any set route planned out it was a case of lets wait and see, I will admit that due to the very strong winds we didn't go as far as what we both wanted however it was still a good day. I think that if the sun had been out more the photos would have turned out a bit better , likewise if I had waited a week or so the gorse bushes would have been in full flower giving the valley a lovely splash of yellow , or waited till the Heather flowered then instead of a drab brown landscape it would have been covered with a very girly purple covering , but its the same old story , so many places to go little time . anyway a few photos taken from this walk ................Enjoy.

Taken from the bridge looking up the valley 


Looking along the valley , the path at this point is a nice wide grassy path , later it changes to a narrow stoney path with gorse buses doing there best to scratch your legs as you walk past them

A bit further along & looking back its at this point the path begin's to change , I started struggling at this point , the wind was getting up making it very difficult to swing my arty leg , and the gorse bushes doing there best to cut my good leg , I should have worn normal trousers rather than shorts for this walk .

The route ahead

First sighting of the Carey Burn waterfall

Yvonne looking a bit windswept

Carey burn waterfall


Looking back down the valley


Now leaving the rocky path and leaving the valley , the route ahead

Looking back down the valley , Yvonne seems pleased that we are out of the strong wind (for the moment)

Starting to climb at bit looking back (for the last time at the valley of Carey Burn )

Now heading up open moorland towards broadstrutter just crossing over the Hazelly Burn with Watch hill in the background

Taken at Broadstrutter at last the sun comes out , however the wind is still making life a bit difficult for me.

Looking back at Broadstrutter , when I first started walking up this way this was an old ruin , it has been restored and I belive it is now used as a shooting lodge .

Now heading down towards Langleeford looking across at Langlee crags

Long Crags

Still heading down , the views are pretty good I think .

Old sheep stell in Langleeford

Now walking back along the valley bottom because of the strong wind.

However walking along the river does have some advantages , a Heron

Thank you .





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