DATE                                 15.05.2014


WEATHER                           BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Hi Bob here, we were busy having a good time, you know playing with our toys, playing let’s get the sheepskin rug as it’s really a nasty monster and we have to fight it to save the world, when Mick came down stairs and asked what was all the noise about, naturally we all had the sheepskin rug in our mouths and where busy tugging it all over the room so we couldn’t really answer , we had managed to tear small bits of the rug off but it was still alive and waiting to get us all , in the process of this epic fight somehow our toys had been thrown out of there box and where scattered around the living room along with the pillows off the settee and even some clean washing had managed to get involved and was laying around , phew this is hard work growled Munchy , as he spat another small bit of rug onto the floor , let’s keep at it I panted I think that we are winning , when all of a sudden the rug is picked up and Mick lets us know “that we are in big trouble”

The result a bit of a mess

………………’re telling us I panted the rug nearly won but don’t worry Mick we will get it not much longer and we will have it , o no you don’t said Mick as he held the rug up out of our reach , Flynn of course disappeared faster than a rat up a drain pipe saying something like it wasn’t him and that he tried to stop us   …..You Creep I barked at him. A quick glance around the room told us that it had indeed been an epic fight something that only happens now and then and that there would be consequences so Both me and Munchy sat down and gave Mick our best we will be really good look and wagged our tails at him . Mick smiled (he can’t stay cross with us for long) quick let’s get this cleared up before Yvonne comes down, she will go mental if she see this mess and so we all chipped in and started to put our stuff away whilst Mick went round picking up all the bits off the rug . finally when the room was almost back to normal Mick held up the sheepskin rug, well it’s a lot smaller now he said I don’t know how we will hide this from you mum, just put it on the floor and we will pretend nothing has happened said Munchy, right then Flynn came back in looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, You missed a bit he barked (what a creep) I walked past him and had a quick bite of his tail and told him to shut up.

After a few seconds Mick came up with a brainwave, quick let’s put the rug in your bed and then Yvonne won’t think anything more of it, she will just think that you like sleeping on it. And so we put the rather smaller sheepskin rug in our bed and pretended nothing has happened.

Right you lot you have got too much energy…. time to get rid of some, walk time …….HORAYYYYY we all barked we simply love walk time and proceeded to run round like excited Dogs, Mick quickly sorted the gear out and before we knew it we were jumping in the car and off on an another adventure, we had hardly settled down when the car stopped and Mick let us out, Where are we I asked Cambois Beach replied Mick , Come on Bob barked Flynn and Munchy lets go and so for the next twenty minutes or so we ran around the beach playing rough and tumble , the tide was out so there was lots to see and explore and there was the river Wansbeck running across the sand into the sea . Wow Flynn said look how big and deep that is, we had better be careful near that or we could get swept out to sea, but that still didn’t stop us from getting a drink from it.

Right you lot, I want you on your best behaviour as we are going to walk up the river to have a look at a weir then if you are really good, we can walk back down on the muddy banks and mud flats what has lots of smelly mud for you all to play in. ok we barked and so mick lead us along an old path up river , we went past a small harbour with some old fishing boats in , they were great fun as we run around them playing chase , once we reached the weir Mick put his stern voice on and told us to be very careful while he took a few photos then it was time to head back and Mick let us go on the mud flats , this was great fun , wet slimy mud and weed to run in , lots of seagulls and other birds to chase , we all got really wet and smelly as we got back to the Harbour , right there is no way you lot are getting into my car like that Mick told us , go get cleaned up a bit in the sea and rock pools , ok we barked back and went running down the beach towards the water again.

It didn’t take long for us to clean up, getting wet then rolling around in the sand soon got us clean again, we met a few other dogs and had a play, and then sadly it was time to head back , can we come here again Mick I asked ? Yes of course we can Mick replied.

We all jumped into the car and headed home, remember you lot be good when you get in and don’t start fighting with the rug, let your mum think that you are sleeping on it , do you think that we can fool her ? I asked ………….well said Mick we will just have to wait and see.

A few photos from today:


Looking down the beach towards Blyth


Looking up the beach towards Newbiggin


Going down to the river Wansbeck for a drink

Best be careful


Looking at where it flows into the sea



We are all having a sniff around


Look at the big dog on the other side (I bet that he is mean)


In the small Harbour


Small fishing boat


Lots to see and sniff here


Yep lots to sniff around here


Looking down at the river


Some duck we can chase on the way back (if they are still here)


Under the road bridge


And the weir Mick wants to look at


Looking back towards the mud flats


The weir


Looking upstream (no path on this side)


Some gate, they open these and let all the water out every now and then


Another photo of the weir


Now the fun starts


Last look at the weir


In the grass


And off we go onto the mud


It was very wet and muddy

And all the birds flew away


Bob on the harbour wall


Time to get cleaned up abit


Munchy checking if his paws are clean enough


A bit later and three clean (ish) pups


Running down for another quick splash


Munchy is the last one out


Looking up the coast towards Newbiggin


One more wash of the paws


Bob digging a hole so he can wash his face


Bob having one more last dip



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