DATE                                  10.01.2014

DISTANCE                          ABOUT 7.8 MILES

WEATHER                          COLD, DULL BUT DRY




Hello all  Its Bob I Haven’t written up a report for a while so I suppose it’s my turn to do one , we don’t get paid for this you know …………so don’t moan about the lack of reports and do you know how difficult it is for a puppy to type ?.

Right where to start , Mick let it be know that we would be going for a walk on his next day off , great I barked back , I knew that Flynn or Munchy wouldn’t be joining us because of the cold weather and the distance involved and to be honest I was looking forward to getting out with Mick , he has stated to develop a few bad habits that need to be sorted before they become a problem , like shouting for me when I wander off in front , “not too far “ he would shout like I would wander off and leave him , and he needs to be taught that I don’t need to be put on the lead I can easy just as easily walk along side him to keep him on the right track so yes I need to sort these bad habits out before they become a problem .

Gear was thrown into the car, I did my famous run and jump straight in and settle down for the drive, it didn’t take long for us to get where we where going and before I knew it mick was opening the door and out I jumped, right on your lead said mick “no way I replied “there is no road so I will walk at your side I barked back , Mick thought about this and agreed making all sorts of noises about I had better behave or there would be trouble , I let him think that he had made his point whilst leading him along the path down to the beach , our walk today was to park up at Newton links , walk along the golf course then link up with the coastal path , passing Low Newton , then take the higher path across Newton Point down to Snook , it was my plan to turn back then follow the coastline back but we met up with a local out with his dog , I said hi to the dog and was informed that there was a seal resting up along  Beadnell Bay , so we decided to go and have a look , As it turned out the seal had buggered off back to the sea before we got there but that didn’t matter as we had a nice walk , I know that I was enjoying myself , there was lots of new sights and smells to investigate …and it was great fun running through the dunes , Mick of course shouted at me from time to time but in the end he got the message that I would keep an eye on him not the other way around .

Time for a break said mick as he picked a spot out of the wind , and produced a nice tasty bit of Christmas cake , now I like cake so I did what I always do and managed to scrounge a few tasty bits , now that’s better I was finally getting somewhere with him , all it takes is a nice walk and a bit of tasty cake and I am happy , after a short break it was time to head back again I went off in front leading the way , this time Mick didn’t shout for me to come back but I would stop every now and then and wait for him to catch up , see this is how its done I barked at him ………….I suppose so was all I got in the way of a reply , I lead him around Newton Point then down onto the beach at Newton Haven then along the beach onto Embleton Bay from there we walked right along till we ran out of beach then it was up onto the dunes , again we found a nice sheltered spot for lunch , I did my duty and helped mick eat the roast beef out of his sarnie leaving him he healthy salad , then it was along to Rumble churn where I stopped and told Mick that I should have my lead on before we went into a field  where Sheep where , err ok said Mick and so I lead Mick around the Castle , see this is how its done , at the front of Dunstanburgh mick took a few photos then it was time to head back , a few sheep where around but they are stupid and didn’t really bother me , I was going to bark at them but I knew that would set Mick off so I didn’t , once out of the field Mick stopped and removed my lead (finally he is starting to get it) and I lead him back to the car , he seemed pleased with himself ……………about 7.8 miles without any problems I still have got to work on some of his training but he’s slowly getting there , as normal Mick took his camera and got a few photos .

Heading down towards the beach


Bob having a drink from the Embleton burn (I don’t know why I carry clean water for Bob)


One of my favourite views on this stretch of coastline.


Now Mick stop calling me or there will be trouble err ok Bob


Heading along the links looking towards the castle


The beach huts / holiday lets


Looking towards the nature reserve


Taken from inside the bird hut looking at some sort of water fowl.

Looking back at Low newton


Looking down towards Newton point and the old RAF radar station (now long gone)


Dropping down onto the dunes at “Football Hole”


Bob suggesting its time for cake


Where some unnamed burn joins the sea, shows how much rain we have been having


Looking back along the beach, the half buried kelp shows how rough the sea has been


Bob running back from Beadnell bay letting me know that the seal has buggered off back to the sea.


Last look back along Beadnell bay


Bob picking a spot for lunch


Ok here will do get the food out.


Looking along the beach, the sand was very soft along this section.


Looking back, we have to climb up onto the dunes at this point


Looking across at the old radar station with Dunstanburgh castle in the far distance


Looking back


The ship inn at Low newton well worth a visit


Looking back


Bob leading the way along Embleton Bay


Looking towards the castle


Heading up to the dune path again, looking back


Old ww2 bunker with even older castle in the background


Strange rock formation


One of the ruined towers


Looking towards a distant Craster


A few photos of the ruins

Heading back now


Bob just checking in with me or is that checking up on me?


Heading down


Last look back at the castle


Birds (oyster catchers?) on the golf course


Last look at the bay before we get to the car .