DATE                           28.03.13

DISTANCE                   ABOUT 6.6 MILES

WEATHER                   BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Bob and Flynn @Thrunton woods

Today I was planning to take both Bob and Flynn out together for a full days walking , they have been out with me loads of times in the past , but I have never had them both out together on a full day’s  walk on my own , there’s several reasons for this , mainly being on there own they are very good but when out  together they tear arse around like there is no tomorrow………. which is fine most days  but when this happens I tend to lose what little bit of control I have over them plus there is still the rest of the day to go and the last thing I want to do is knacker them out right at the start of the walk after all they are still young pups .

I could of course put them on there leads and calm them down that way, but the whole point is that I need both my hand free, so they had to behave and of course there is the chance of livestock being around, no I need them to behave, I have no problems with them wandering off, mooching around sniffing and generally doing what ever young pups do but I really don’t want them tearing around totally ignoring me.

So today was going to be a bit of a test for them and myself , I couldn’t take them where there could be any sheep or livestock as I just don’t trust them together yet , so that meant most of the Northumberland national park was out , but there are a few areas where there are no livestock , why not take them into one of the forest we have , yep that’s a good plan so after a few more minutes deciding which one I decided on Thrunton Woods , several reasons why , the main one being I don’t have to worry about logger lorries as there is no harvesting going on where as some of the other woods there is lots of harvesting going on which meant there would be logging lorries being driven about .

So gear was thrown into the car , Bob and Flynn both went and said good buy to Munchy , who would be staying with Kerri and Yvonne for the day , munchy doesn’t do big walks , or any walks that involve  walking , he also doesn’t like , the rain , getting wet , when its windy , when its dark , when the grass is too long , if there is scratchy bracken basically he is a small pup who likes being around humans getting spoilt doing nothing but being cute.

We quickly arrived at Thrunton, I decided to park well away from the main car park, this was so we could avoid any dog walkers that might be around, again I don’t have no worries about my boys meeting or playing with other dogs but when they do I tend to lose what little of control I have over them until they are well and truly puffed out.

Gear was sorted out , I read the boys the riot act and off we went , naturally Bob took the lead with Flynn close behind him , then much to my amazement they both stopped about twenty meters up the track and waited for me to catch up , this seemed to be the paten for the day , they would either range out in front but always in sight or hang around sniffing and doing what pups do best then run and catch up with me, on a couple of occasions I called them back and rewarded them with tasty treats more to remind them that I had a bag full of goodies if they behaved themselves .

Our route took us along the forest track till it more or less came to a end and turned into a well worn path, this path took us up to the crags, from the crags there are some tremendous views to be had, unfortunately there was a bit of clag around so we couldn’t see that far, but what we could see made it all worth while. From there we followed the well used path along the crags to Long crag which at 319 meters would be our highest point today.

From there we dropped down a rather steep path that took us back into the woods, from this point on wards it was all easy walking (see map) we did about 6.6 miles all at a slow steady pace, Bob had a splash around in the burn, Flynn nearly got his paws wet and they both helped me with my roast beef sarnie leaving me with the bread whilst they had the beef, I felt a bit put out that they didn’t share there dinner or even offer any to me.

Due to he relaxed nature of the walk I had no problems with Arty leg or my stump for that matter and I did a fair amount of steep ups and even steeper downs so I was pleased .

As for the boy, well they behaved very well and enjoyed the walk as much as what I did. I am beginning to think that they must sense that they are going to be walking all day as they never once went mad; normally it’s like world war three when they get out and our let of there leads.

As normal a few photos enjoy.

Bob & Flynn sniffing around some toadstools in all the years I have been coming into these woods I have never seen as many or this size before.


In the shady sections, the early morning mist still covered the cobwebs.


The shooting range, I have never seen it used.

Bob & Flynn waiting for me.


Now out of the woods and on a path leading through the heather towards the crags.


Leaving the tree line our first view over the crags.


Our path, very easy to follow.


Looking back towards Coe Crags.


Flynn leading the way, he has been up here before.

The boys at the trig point at Long Crag (319 meters)


Our next point an unnamed stone cairn just where we start to drop down.


At the cairn looking back.


Flynn studying the path down (easy at this point)

A way marker just before it starts to get steep.

Flynn & Bob waiting for me , I was impressed with how easily they jumped from one sandstone rock to another both going down and coming back up to see where I was.


Looking towards where we would be heading once we got down.


Bob heading back up to check on me , there was several times the boys simply disappeared into the heather paths , I could just see there heads as they jumped up to check on me.


Looking up towards one of the many sandstone rocks.

The boys running up the path to check up on me.


Part way down looking back up.



Our path, very easy to follow for the next mile or so.

Looking along the valley.


The boys running, they seem to love playing chase along these narrow paths.


Our path takes us along here, there is a good path you just can’t see it until you are on it.


Looking up towards Coe crags.


Looking back and up towards Long crags where we was earlier.


Our lunch spot.

Last look back.


Heading up into the trees again.


Flynn checking things and stuff are ok.


Bob hiding.


Now on an old forestry track, very relaxed easy walking.


Looking up towards the crags.


The boys waiting for me as normal.

A first sign of winter is on its way.

Entering the forest again. It was very wet and slippery for a while.


A break in the trees gives us this view.


Our path, I think that this is an old fire break or something.


Could be a bit scary if I didn’t have two big dogs with me.



Day after thoughts, none really, I was very pleased with both Bob & Flynn, they where really good for the whole walk, in fact I couldn’t have asked for better pups, they both slept in the car going home and woke up refreshed when we got back home and spent the next hour or so going daft with Munchy only stopping to give Yvonne and Kerri the odd lick and tail wag, and of course they both woofed there tea down.

As for myself , I was quite pleased with how things went with Arty leg and my stump , there are some tricky hard sections on this walk that I seemed to do without really having to think about it or even slow down to do so I will mark this up as a huge successes .

Ps neither Bob nor Flynn could be arsed to write anything about this trip but informed me that they had a great day and we should do it again soon.