DATE                         17.06.14




Mick  n  phone  at  Cresswell

Mick had got a new phone …………………and boy did we know it the air turned blue every time he tried to do something with it ,being the smallest the boys sent me Munchy to talk to him about it .

“Look Mick “I barked why don’t you just give up with it and do what you did with your last phone, switch it off throw it in your rucksack and forget about it? All you are doing is getting wound up and for what? You never use it anyway. Good point Munchy Mick replied ………...I really don’t like phones but I am trying to see if I can take photos with this that way I wont have to carry the big camera when we are out walking and if we see anything interesting I can always take a photo of it ………………Errrrrrr ok I replied but don’t get so hyper about it its just a bloody phone, yeah your right I suppose, I was thinking about swapping with Yvonne anyway. SO PUT IT AWAY MICK! I barked ok Mick sighed.

Whilst Mick was putting his phone away I decided to go out into the garden and let Bob & Flynn know that things should calm down a bit . Great they both agreed Mick really shouldn’t be let lose with modern technology that’s something we all agreed on.

Right move over you two I’m coming  in next to you both ….we where all hiding under the garden seat waiting for the fat pidgins to land and start eating the bird seed , we play a game with them , we let them land start eating then we run out barking and chase them .its great fun , sometimes if we are really quite and stay still the stupid cat from along the street will jump over the fence and try to walk across our garden we love chasing him it great fun , boy can that cat move when we are chasing him sometimes he almost fly’s  back over the fence .

It was pleasantly warm laying under the seat in the shade and we were all thinking about dropping off for a snooze when we heard the front gate opening, what’s that? Bob asked .its the postman !we all barked chaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrge we all run out from under the seat charged into the house ran through the kitchen straight to the front window and let the post man know that he cant creep up to our door without getting barked at . There that will teach him a lesson said Flynn, let’s stay here and bark at anyone walking past that’s good fun. Unfortunately for us Mick had other ideas; he doesn’t like us barking at anyone and proceeded to read us the riot act ……….with him finishing off by saying I suppose I had better take you all out, yeah we all agreed and proceeded to run round the settee taking the odd bite at each other which rapidly turned into a free for all play fight.

Mick went and got the gear ready then called us and charge it was straight into the car and off we went.

A short time later Mick pulled up in a small car park on the stretch of beach some where between Cresswell and Druridge and let us out.

Right you lot be good where Micks parting words as we proceeded to charge along the path towards the beach, we love it here, there are loads of things to see and sniff as well as chase, it was starting to get hot as well but we knew that there was a few small fresh water streams that run onto the beach here so we could stop and cool off anytime we wanted.

Naturally we took in it in turn on running back to check up on Mick after all he did have the treats in his pocket so it's best to keep in his good books and we are supposed to look after him .

We met up with a few other dogs on the beach and had a play with them whilst the owners chatted with Mick, but mostly we had the place to ourselves which was fine as we spent ages chasing the sea gulls and digging in the sand , then we would play chase and fight for a while , but every now and then we ran to the fresh water burns and had a drink and  a paddle , even Flynn went in and got his paws wet and as we all know Flynn is such a girl when it comes to getting wet .

Mick had brought his new phone along and was busy trying to take a few photos, I warned him not to get in a mood with it and he seemed to listen, then it was time to start the walk back towards the car park, luckily there was a bit of sea fret coming in so we didn’t get to hot so all in all a great walk, made even better because when we got back home   it was tea time and Yvonne had got it ready for us but before we stopped to eat it we had to run into the garden and bark at the birds ……..Sigh sometimes its hard work being a small dog .

A few photos from today (taken by Mick on his new phone)

The path from the car park, we are way out in front (checking things are ok for Mick)


Into the dunes, we love it here so much to sniff and chase


Running back to check that Mick’s still ok


Me (munchy) asking Mick if he is alright


Paddling in one of the freshwater run offs


Me telling Bob & Flynn to get ready for a chase


Not many people around, I dare say we will meet some as we wander along


Bob running off we will chase him in a minute


Hummmm seaweed to sniff sometime we find tasty fish or crabs to eat here (we have to be quick as Mick yells at us)


Me checking up on Mick


We found a play mate by one of the rocky pools


But she didn’t want to play in the water


Sniffing around


Let’s head along the beach for a while come on Mick keep up.


Me and Flynn cooling our paws


A cooling sea fret is blowing in


But we are ok here as there is lots of water to cool down in


Let’s run and play fight


Heading towards a fresh water pool


Looking up along the beach


Bob having a dig

Flynn about to sneak up on Bob and bite his bum


I stop him and Bob runs off barking chase me


Time for mick to sit down and dish out some treats, me and Bob take the opportunity to check out his arty leg


Flynn has a check as well to make sure we miss nothing


Hey Mick share out the treats now (sometimes you have to be firm)


Nice rock for mick to sit on

One last drink and paddle for us before home time

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you out one day soon. Love Munchy xx