DATE                                       28.01.12

WEATHER                             COLD BUT BRIGHT

DISTANCE                            ABOUT 7 .8 MILES




Today I couldn’t have got better weather , cold but bright & sunny so as soon as I stuck my nose to the bedroom window when I woke up I knew that it was going to be a good day out in the hills , at this moment in time I didn’t have a clue where I was walking so some serious thinking was needed ,also for today’s walk I wouldn’t be billy no mates as Yvonne ( cheviot stroller) would be accompanying me, after one cup of coffee it hit me Yvonne had never done any walking along this section of the Pennine way so I decided on Byrness as a starting point then following the Pennine way to just  before Chew green where we would cut into the forest and walk back along one of the many tracks , hopefully calling in at the bothy at spithope and to have a look at the  small waterfall which is just by it .

As normal a few photos .enjoy

The first section of this walk was straight into a forest and the track went up what seemed to be a huge hill , halfway up we entered a clearing and the views opened up a bit , what i can remember was that there was a very strong smell of pine where the trees had been cut

Just before we leave the forest there is a small bit of a scrabble to get onto the hill

Just left the tree line still on Byrness hill and the views are just starting to open up

On Saughy crags and the day is just getting better

Quick look back at Cheviot Stroller

Looking across towards Catcleugh reservoir

Not really sure where I am looking for this photo

Now heading up Windy crag now  its possible to see Redesdale forest (I havent done much walking over there (yet)

Looking back along our route

Same photo as before just a bit further along the Pennine way

Our route forward Ravens Knowe

A few photos that I took as we walked along the pennine way

Looking down to the forest track that we should be walking back along later today 


We have now cut down off the pennine way and have entered the forest , however due to the amount of felling thats been done there are still plenty of views


Looking back , its very easy walking along these tracks

Crossing the burn to visit Spithope bothey, some one was already there and had the stove alight , made a lovley warm place to stop for a hot drink


A small water fall on the burn


Smoke it a sign that we are now approaching Byrness and the end of this walk
















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