DATE                              22.04.07

DISTANCE                     5.7 MILES

WEATHER                   DULL BUT DRY


 For today’s walk we that’s Yvonne the “Hack” and myself would be heading up to the small coastal village of Boulmer for a small wander along some of the stunning coastline that we have up here in Northumberland , we would be parking up in the small but free (I like the word free ) car park at Boulmer and heading off North up the coastline , our plan was to simply head to a small mark on the map called Rumbling Kern , stop for a small bite to eat and of course a drink of coffee then head back , thinking if we keep the sea on our right hand side heading up and keep it on our left side on the way back we shouldn’t get lost and it goes without saying if we get wet feet we have ventured off the path into the sea so navigating shouldn’t be a problem so using my new found leadership skills I put Yvonne  in charge of navigating and gave her the lofty title of “Navigator” , of course with this new lofty title it meant that she would have to carry her own rucksack instead of emptying her stuff into mine so that was it all sorted , gear was thrown into the car and off we went .

This area, according to the all-knowing Mr Google is very popular whit the twitches (that’s bird watchers) who those of you who don’t know what twitches are. So if all goes well we might even get to see some wildlife on this walk.

According to the map and tide tables for today’s wander we should be able to see a fair bit of the coastline with the tide being well out and so we hope to see several rock formations starting with The Torr’s, Bewick stone, Boulmer Steel, Longhoughton Steel, Howdiemont sands (a lovely sandy bay) Sugar Sands (another small but lovely bay) Iron scars, over the Howick burn (hopefully using some sort of footbridge) then to Howick Haven and finally to Rumbling Kern where according to Mr Google there are some interesting rock formations where we would have lunch .

The walk went to plan in the fact we got there and back again in one piece (thanks to Yvonne skilful navigating) we saw lots of birds apart from a heron and the Eider ducks I don’t have a clue what the rest are called apart from the Sea Gulls , someone has gone to a great deal of trouble to make some small metal birds and fix them on a wall we past which is nice to see (I just hope that no one nicks them) as for the rock formations , sadly I couldn’t tell where one started and the last one finished but that really didn’t matter , however the rock formations at rumbling Kern are well worth a look , and who knows one day I might be able to climb down and have a mooch around , we also saw what left of an old ship wreck or should I say a bit of one of its steam boilers after a bit of mooching around on the internet thingy this turned up I believe the boiler came from the steam trawler Tadorne link :-

We walked about 5.7 miles all easy with no real up or downs as normal a few photos:-

Taken from the car park looking out towards the sea


Looking towards the fishing village of Boulmer


The life boat station


Heading down to mooch around on the beach


Me trying the knee out on this sand (it’s very soft)


Looking at a couple of Eider Ducks (I think)

Crab shell (the local pub the Fishing Boat Inn does good sea food)


Lobster pots ready to go out on the next trip


One of the metal birds fixed to the wall

Heron mooching around on the rock for food (I always thought that they stayed on fresh water … you learn something every day)


I’m not sure what bit of rocky coast I am looking at here


The distant ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle on the horizon


Unknown (to me) burn flowing down the beach towards the sea

Yep it’s a bird (sorry folks that’s all I know)

Howdiemont sands?


More rock




Up close


Heading towards Sugar Sands

Taken on the footbridge looking up the Howick Burn


Watching it flow across the beach towards the sea


More rock

Old hut link for info:


Looking back


The boiler link: -


Talking about old boilers   my better half Yvonne J

The “different rocks that only can be seen at low tide)


Looking back


Yvonne having a pose (come on girl tits out suck that tummy in)


A few photos showing the rock formation

The old Bath house (now a holiday let)


A few more photos as we make our way back


Metal bird up close


Ducks feeding


Looking out towards the light house on Coquet Island


Day after thoughts:

No problems today with my stump or arty leg, but it was very easy walking, this section of the coastline is stunning and I am certain that we will be returning to this area several times.