DATE                         15.01.17





Once again I had a few days off and was getting desperate to get out on a wander someplace, the only problem was the weather forecast it was crap! Nonstop rain for the whole of the day covering the whole north east, what are it about us brits and the weather? However despite what the weather forecast stated ….I knew that they would be wrong! (very bold statement I know) for two reasons, firstly I had been doing my naked weather gods praise songs on a regular basis dancing around the garden pond almost every night (much to my neighbours horror) and knew that the weather god’s loved me and I would be going with the lovely Edwina and everyone knows Edwina always brings the sunshine with her so I knew that we would have a brill day.

Naturally it was my turn to pick a route and for once I didn’t try to slope it onto Edwina, with all the rain, strong winds and high tides we had been having I thought about a coastal walk would be nice, after all the hills would be a boggy mess (unless the weather freezes) and I was secretly hoping with all the rough sea’s we might get to see a few seals resting up or find some pirate treasure that had been washed up and having only one leg I figured if anyone should have this treasure it should be met .after all I am nearly like a pirate anyway .

Edwina seemed impressed that I had actually decided on a route without trying to get her to make a decision and so that was sorted , Bob dog of course didn’t care as long as he was coming along , however I messed up big time and left it too late to get our normal roast beef sarnie with extra beef for bob but I had a cunning plan , our route would be park up at Boulmer , walk along the coastal path into Craster , where we can call into a tea room or pub for a bite to eat so all wasn’t lost , Edwina of course like the sound of PUB (in fact her eyes lit up and my only concern was how would I get her out again later) so that was all sorted.

The drive up to the starting point didn’t look to good, grey skies. Rain and mist (maybe I had got it wrong after all) but we had packed our wet weather gear so it didn’t really matter, then just as we turned down the road that would take us to the start point it stopped raining ……yeah the weather gods still love me .

We parked up at the car park at Boulmer and gear was sorted, much to Bob disgust he had to have his coat on and then we were off, the first thing I noticed was the amount of fishermen that were out, yes I expected to see a few but there must have been hundreds out (well not that many) I believe it’s something to do with rough sea and feeding fish (a good time to try to catch them but I could be wrong here) so I knew the chances of seeing a few seals resting up wouldn’t be that good as they would have been disturbed by the fisher men , the same goes for finding pirate treasure , if there was any treasure that would have been found and stashed away long before we got there . Still that didn’t matter we were off, the weather gods smiled at us and not only stopped the rain it looked like blue skies were heading our way. our route was simple follow the coastal path heading north till we got to Craster , if we got wet feet it meant that we wandered into the sea and if we lost sight of the sea it meant we had wandered to far inland , simple even an idiot couldn’t get lost , part of my plane was to stick to the footpath heading out and then cut down onto some of the beaches on the return leg ( good plan so I thought until the tide decided to come in) but I didn’t think about that till our return leg . despite huge sections of this path being resurfaced  there was a mile or so of very slippery mud that slowed our progress down , at one point it felt like we was walking on black ice no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get grip and ended up doing a classic fall , fortunately my walking buddy Edwina was too busy trying to stay on her feet to grab a photo of it ( mick keeps his pride for another week or so) then of course this mud just stuck to the souls of the boots making it feel like I had heavy weights attached , at one point I thought that the extra weight might even pull arty leg off , then it felt like I was walking on platform shoes ( only old folk will remember these) finally we slipped and skidded off this section and back onto a path where we could sort our boots out and get some grip again , luckily there is a small track that we can use that will bypass this section on the return leg (as it was this section of track was like walking/ paddling  in a swimming pool but we didn’t find that out till we was on our way back ).

However things improved once we had cleaned off our boots the sun even came out and all was good, as we chatted away between us we sorted out the 3rd world depts., the US election and was trump as bad as they make out and even sorted out a Brexit plan for getting out of the EU (we are good aren’t we?) we was going to sort out global warming but thought that we would leave that for another day. Then we entered Craster and despite my best efforts Edwina dragged me and Bob into the pub (honestly I did suggest a tea room but Edwina was having none of it ) the pub “the jolly fisherman” was busy but we managed to get a spot right by the fire and within minutes we had to strip off , then Edwina treated us both to real ham and cheese toasties (and it was real thick ham none of this thin sliced stuff) which was very nice nom nom ….and before you ask yes we did save Bob dog some tasty ham as well , all this was followed by a pot of tea , now this is a proper way to eat on a walk  …..Thanks Edwina. Then much to my amazement it was time to head back and Edwina actually left the pub (these rumours about Edwina and her drink problem must be execrated as she didn’t once try to grab a drink as we passed the bar)

The walk back was a delight , the sun was out it was easy walking and we even managed to get down onto the sand for a bit before the sea got a little bit too close and sent us scurrying up a bank , my track that would bypass the slippery muddy section proved to be better but was still very wet and Bob dog had great fun wading through every deep puddle he could forcing me to remove his coat ( I think that is what he wanted in the first place ) but it was a joy just to watch him run around as if he didn’t have a care in the world , then we was back in Boulmer and yet another great day came to an end, as we sorted our gear out  Edwina produced a lovely cup of tea and a chocolate treat which was the icing on the cake so to speak , we walked about 10 miles give or take a foot or so with no up’s or downs , sadly we didn’t see any seal or find any treasure …but there is always a next time a few photos :

Taken From the car park looking out at Boulmer Haven


One of the many boats parked up here

Looking back at Boulmer steel (rocks?)

Longhouhton steel (rocks?)


Unnamed burn running across Howdiemont sands


Looking along to “sugar sands”


Looking back


Howick haven


Same again just further along


The one and only Bob dog


Looking up the Howick burn


Where it runs out to sea


Looking back at the bridge


Gorse bush still has flowers on it


Looking towards Rumbling Kern


All that remains of a ship wreck (part of its boiler)


Edwina and Bob dog having a mooch around


Strange rock formations

Showing just a few of the fishermen out today


Heading down to the small beach


Edwina and Bob dog


Looking towards the “bath house” now a holiday rent


Nice to know that we aren’t lost


More fishermen with Dunstanburgh in the background

A few more photos as we make our way along


Cullernose point


Looking back


Same again


Looking ahead towards Craster


The harbour at Craster

Same again

The tides on its way in, there are still some big waves coming in


Now on our way back

Looking back towards Craster


A few photos as we make our way back


Now on the beach looking back


Our route ahead

Day after thoughts

I thought that I might have stiffened up a bit on the drive home but was pleasantly surprised when I got out of the car to find that I was tired but not aching , This tired feeling stayed with me all evening and I even felt a bit tired in the morning .

Checking my stump I noticed that I had rubbed a small section of skin away, this was my own fault as I felt it starting to get hot and burn, but left it to late before I stopped and dealt with it …. Lesson learnt (how many times have I said that …and I still leave it too late) but it’s nothing to be concerned about. Strange thing is the fluid lump thing (bursa?) on the bottom of my stump seems to have grown again …weird eh?