DATE                                 08.10.13

DISTANCE                         ABOUT 5 .6 MILES




For todays walk I was in a bit of a fix, I fancied doing a bigger walk, but that would have meant leaving Munchy on his own, not normally a problem as I know he doesn’t do big walks and is happy at home with either Yvonne or Kerri but as there was no one at home today it meant leaving him on his own, and that somehow didn’t feel right so I decided to cut the distance down and make it a nice easy day along the coastline.

My plan was to park up at the small fishing village at Boulmer, have a nice slow easy stroll along the coastal path or cutting down onto the sandy beaches where possible &  walk up to a very small sheltered sandy bay known as Rumbling  Kern where we would stuff our faces , drink and have a well deserved nap so hopefully Munchy would manage to walk back without me having to carry him , I don’t mind carrying Munchy as he weighs next to nothing , normally he sit in the back of my rucksack  and is quite happy BUT  he has a habit of yapping right in my ear when he wants down or see something and believe me its almost painful having him yapping right in your ear.

So that was the plan, I informed the boys and they seemed ok with it so we all charged out of the door and into the car.

Parking in the small but free car park at Boulmer wasn’t a problem, sadly I had to put the boys on the leads for the first ten minutes or so as it mean walking along side the small but quite road, however once we where clear of the road, I let them off and off they went I did shout after them to take it easy as there was a few miles to go, but as normal they went charging off without a care in the world. I had a couple of thing that I had to keep an eye on today the first one being sheep, there are sheep in the field that we walk through but as luck would have it they where on the far side and we walked along the edge following the coastline, and I am pleased to say that the pups wasn’t bothered by them. The second problem that I had was cattle, the farmer allows cattle to have free range at sugar sands, if they where out today that would have been the walk over, as it was they wasn’t out today so it wasn’t a problem, talking to a local who was out walking his dog it would appear that the farmer only uses this field / bay in the wet winter months.

The boys of course wasn’t bothered, running, playing and generally having fun, there was a few walkers out today and they all stopped and made a fuss of the pups, which is something the pups enjoy and what made things better the boys came away when I called them, so pre haps all this training and socialising we have been doing is paying off.

We stopped at the Howick Burn and had a paddle and drink where the burn runs down the beach towards the sea, me thinking why do I carry a bottle of water and bowl when they never use it then it was off up the coast towards our destination Rumbling Kern.

Rumbling Kern is a very small strange sort of bay which has some interesting rock formations, but it is sheltered from the wind so make an ideal spot to stop.

I emptied my rucksack, the boys food and water was put out, naturally they wasn’t interested in there’s until hey assisted me in finishing off my roast beef sarnie and home made cake then they woofed there’s down .as it was a pleasantly warm day I decided to extend our lunch break and let the boys have a well deserved snooze , well Munchy did Bob and Flynn went off exploring and spent ages running up and down the steep banks then charging into the water only to stop dead in there tracks and run out even faster , eventually Munchy woke up had a stretch and it was time to load up and start on our return journey , most of which was done on the beaches as the tide was well out.

The boys where still running around and ranging in front but as the afternoon drew on they started keeping closer, a sure sign that they where getting tired, walking back through the field of sheep they walked almost at heel and didn’t even give the sheep more than a glance, which was good otherwise they would have had to go on there leads, but another sign that they where getting tiered. Then just as Munchy was about to sit down and bark at me for a lift we spotted the car. And all was well; they all lay down in the sun whilst I made coffee and a few lady walkers made a right fuss of them which is something they all like , coffee was drunk the boys given yet another tasty treat then it was into the car for the drive back home .

About 5.6  miles with vey little of the ups and downs.

As normal a few photos enjoy

Looking at the rocky shore known as Longhoughton Steel


Looking back at Boulmer Steel


Now at Howdiemount sands (Last time I was up here there was a lot more sand on this beach)


Flynn crossing over the footbridge, Bob and Munchy run across the small burn.


Looking down at the small beach at Sugar Sands.

The rocks at Howick Haven.

Looking back at the small beach by Iron Scars

The boys on the coastal path.


Looking across the rocky Howick haven.


The boys running along the path.


Now at Rumbling kern area and it strange rocks.

The boys having a look from up top.

A few photos, sadly I haven’t real captured the strange shapes very well.


The boys have had enough and are heading down to our lunch spot.

It’s easy enough for the boys with there four leg drive system but its very steep for me.

A lovley sheltered spot for lunch and a nap.


After they have seen my sarnie off they decide to have there’s, Flynn getting stuck in.


Munchy getting ready for a nap.


Bob looking around.


A few photos showing the small bay.


Flynn checking arty leg before we set off.


A few photos as we head back along.


I believe that this is an old boiler from an old shipwreck from years ago.


A few more beach shots as we all make our way back.

Taken at max zoom looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle. (A trip for another day)


 The boys mooching around.


Last look back, we have been really lucky with the weather this afternoon.


Now entering the field (no sheep around) heading towards Boulmer.


Day after thoughts.


No problems with arty leg or my stump today, but I would have been surprised if there had been, it was a really easy relaxed day out with the boy, who really did me and themselves proud, they where mint.

They all slept on the car trip back but once we got home they sprang into life as if they had been sleeping all day, I guess that the pups are growing stronger which is good because as I get fitter it would be nice if the pups could join me on some longer walks.