DATE                                     03.06.12

DISTANCE                           JUST UNDER 4 MILES

WEATHER                           MOSTLY BRIGHT AND SUNNNY




Afternoon stroll to budle bay.

Having a huge amount of household jobs to do meant that we weren’t getting out for a big walk today, however after a mad couple of hours of rushing around doing Household “joby things” we got them done, threw a couple of sandwiches and a drink in the ever ready ruck sack and off we went, a small but pleasant walk along the beach, stop for a bite to eat then a stroll back.

We decided that we would go to Budle bay, big mistake as it Bamburgh”s summer fate today, so when we got there the place was crowded with eh! People making the most of the good weather and generally getting in my way, in my defence had I know I would have gone to a different area and I would also like to say that I have been there in the cooler months and not seen a single person, so I think that’s it’s a bit unfair that they only turn out when the weather is good.

Any way we did a little bit less than four miles, the tide was right in so we didn’t get to see much of the bay as it was underwater, and there where to many people having a good time for my liking, but any walk is better than none, and if I am honest it was very pleasant to sit on the rocks watching the waves breaking for a little while.

As normal a few photos:-

Walking along the coastle path .


Budle bay .

Caravan site at Heather cotts.

The Bay

Looking across to Holy Island .

A old pier.

My better half Yvonne.

Heading back.

Holy Island.

With the tide on its way in time to get off the beach again.


Yvonne and new best pal.

The castle.

Stag rock.