DATE                                  02,04,15

DISTANCE                         4.75 MILES    WE DID LOADS MORE

WEATHER                         BRIGHT BUT COOL




Hello, Bob here and before you say anything I know it’s been ages since we did a write up about our days out but we have been very busy ………you know doing dog things like having fun, sleeping, eating and generally having a good time, but as Mick said its time we put our paws to good use and started again, so here goes my first attempt so be kind to me …..Do you know how hard it is to type with paws? Especially as my nails need clipping .right where to start?

We where playing in the garden, chasing each other round the pond stopping every now and then to have a drink out of the pond, we had frogs in the pond and each time we stopped they would duck under the water so we couldn’t get them, we though that it was good fun seeing how close we could get before they ducked under, we also had frog spawn floating about, Mick had told us to leave it alone as it wouldn’t taste very nice , I must admit I did sniff it and well it didn’t smell of anything so we decided that we would takes mick’s advice and leave it alone, but we had been going back to it each day and watching as the black things inside the jelly started to grow and get bigger , there going to be frogs eventually said Mick …………I’m not sure if I believe him or not so we will watch and see.

Whilst we where playing the “new” cat from down the street tried to sneak across our garden, we of course just had to chase him and bark like mad, boy can that cat run and jump, he turned around and jumped straight back over the fence in a single bound long before we even got close to him, we like running and barking at the cat …………but Mick doesn’t like the noise and it was only a matter of a few seconds before Mick came out and told us to be quite , we of course shut up and looked as if we where sorry but really we wasn’t . Hey Mick how about taking us out early for our afternoon walk I suggested , Yes why not Bob I go and get the gear ready , Great I barked back I go and get Munchy & Flynn who where busy patrolling the fence line looking for the new cat . Hey you two I barked “come on Mick’s taking us out early” Great they both barked back, and then we all run flat out through the house to wait at the front door ready for Mick.

Mick opened the door and we where off, Hey wait up Yelled Mick as we hurtled down the street, we going to the beach so get in the car, we all did a emergency stop and run flat out back into the car, Mick made some rather rude comment about us being the most stupid dogs he had ever known as he lifted us up into the back, we smiled because we know he doesn’t mean it. Right you lot settle down and we where off.

Mick informed us that because it was such a nice day we would head up to Druridge Bay for the afternoon. Have you packed any treats I asked? Yes Bob I have got some very tasty treats and some new ones as well, great I barked back & we all settled down for the short drive.

It wasn’t long before the car stopped and Mick let us out, we have been up here many times over the winter, mick likes to bring us to the coast when it’s wet and muddy because we don’t get so mucky, we don’t mind getting covered in mud, but Yvonne tends to get a bit uptight when we charge around the house leaving a muddy trail everywhere.

However that doesn’t mean that we don’t like it .we love it up here there is so much to see and do, and sometime we meet up with our doggy friends who are out with their owners, and there is always something new to see and play with, new trails to explore, new friends to meet, lots of seagulls to bark at and chase and of course lots of things to sniff at. Charge we all barked and went running off into the dunes with Mick following behind, we love running in the dunes and often split up and try to jump out and get each other, Mick calls us every now and then and we go charging back, we have found out if we run back very fast we normally get rewarded with a treat, then we can run off again and play, I think that this is Micks way of keeping an eye on us and stopping us going off to far. we where heading along the dunes towards the cow field when Mick called us back , look boys we will have to cut down onto the beach and go around the cow field today as there are cattle right by the path , Ok we replied , we know that Mick isn’t happy to take us anywhere near Cattle and we love the beach so it was “charge” down onto the beach , there was a few seagulls standing around , we of course run at them flat out and scattered them , we naturally had to chase them down the beach this was great fun , then we had a running play fight , sniffed some seaweed and generally dug holes in the sand and chased each other , Mick lead us back into the dunes after a mile or so explaining that we should be clear of the cow field now and we had a wander along the footpath that took us up to Druridge Park , we met up with some of our doggy friends and had a play , stopped for a drink by the lake and had a few treats off Mick then it was time to head back to the beach for the walk Back , The beach up here is massive and we know that Mick doesn’t mind if we run off a long way and so we spent the next hour or so running along the beach , running into the sea , chasing sea gulls , running up to other people to say hello before  running flat out back to Mick .

We found some dead crabs and was going to eat them , but Mick saw us and told us to leave them alone as they would give us poorly tummy’s ……………we know this as we often eat them and always get a poorly tummy but as Mick had said no we left them and went running down the beach .

We stopped for a drink and a paddle in a fresh water run off , chased some more birds then sadly it was time to head back to the car as it was starting to get near tea time , we love our tea and didn’t want to be late  so we didn’t mind . Mick walked 4 .75 miles we did a Zillion Miles more. As normal Mick took a few photos:-

The three of us waiting for Mick before we go charging off into the dunes


Looking down to the beach


Partly hidden but busy sniffing around


Flynn and I play fighting whilst Munchy runs to join in


Looking along the Bay despite the warm weather we have it all to ourselves


Flynn thinks that he has found something


Me charging off with Flynn trying to catch up


Munchy & Flynn


A small fresh water run off, a good place for a drink


Munchy having a run


Me cooling my paws off in the cool water


Heading into the Nature reserve


Boy I’m pleased that Mick didn’t take us in there


One of the many wild fowl ponds that are scattered up here


On the footpath heading towards the visitors centre (we have to behave on this part of the walk)


Back on the beach Munchy looking cute (he is after a treat)


Looking down the beach, there are a few people out now but not many

Small birds …………we will cash these


Me following a bike tire mark


Munchy & Flynn trying to keep up


Stand off who will run first

Me  hiding behind a stone block waiting to get Munchy


Looking back along the beach


Drink time we think


More birds to chase


Back on the beach and time for a rest


Waves to play in

Looking down the beach


Sitting down waiting for tasty treats


Now it plays fight time


A free for all


Me now leading the way back through the dunes.