DATE                                   04.05.2014

DISTANCE                          WE DONT CARE

WEATHER                          NICE AND SUNNY




We meet superdawg Bruno

Hello its Munchy here and it’s my turn to write up the about our latest adventure , the day started as normal with us all jumping on the bed and letting Mick and Yvonne that it’s time to get there arses out of bed , after a bit of complaining that’s it far too early off Yvonne and some other very rude threat off Mick we snuggled down for a bit (we like snuggling)  it was very early after all , then the alarm went off and it was time for them to get up . Mick I have noticed gets up straight away whereas Yvonne tends to lay around a bit, that’s fine by us as we always find the hot spot where mick was laying and snuggle down for another couple of minutes whilst he gets washed and dressed. Yvonne tends to fart a lot first thing so we give her a very wide berth plus she is very grumpy , it doesn’t take Mick long to get ready and  when he calls for us we belt downstairs and race to the kitchen so we can get out into the garden .

We have been having two very fat pidgins visit the garden , eating all the bird seed that’s been knocked off the feeders , they are very stupid and its great fun when we charge out the door barking at them causing them to fly off , once we burst out of the door and saw the grey cat from down the street , boy did we make him jump when we barked at him he really did almost fly over the fence that was great fun , however Yvonne didn’t think so and told us all off , mick on the other hand told us we were all good boys when Yvonne had gone .

Right you lot we will have a quick walk around the Bella  heap now then we are off out straight after that ………well after I have had my coffee and so that’s what happened .

Where are we going I asked? Well said mick today if you are really really good I am going to take you all up Druridge Bay when you will meet the legendary superdawg Bruno, not mike Knipes dog I replied? Yes the one and only was Micks reply, Bruno is working his way through a bucket list see: -

WOW I said to Flynn and Bob we are going to meet Bruno , we had been following Bruno’s  exploits from the blog northern pies and to be honest we was a bit awe struck , what if he doesn’t like me asked Flynn in a small voice , you be fine Flynn said Bob just don’t try to race him , remember Bruno is feeling poorly so don’t pester him , can I ask him questions asked Flynn , yes but don’t be a pest that’s all , Bob told us that he was going to ask him about some of his exploits out in the hills and wanted to ask his advice on several walking matters after all I am the one who will be with Mick when it’s cold and wet out in the hills whilst you two will be tucked up indoors. Ok Bob I replied but anything you learn you will share won’t you?

Then the car stopped and Mick let us out, Boy I’m feeling nervous I said to both Flynn and Bob, come on you lot yelled Mick and lead us over to where Mike was waiting, Mick and Mike started chatting then Bruno jumped out of the car, we said hello and asked him if he was feeling better and would he mind if we joined him for a few hours , we told him that Mick had only a few hours then he had to drive all the way down south to someplace in  Hertfordshire to visit his poorly dad . Yes no problem he said great I barked back follow us and we will take you to the beach. Once on the beach we ran and played then mike got a football out for Bruno, This was one of Bruno bucket list things, play on the beach with a football and see how long to takes him to burst the ball.

Wow!!! we all said look at that Bruno burst the ball in Minutes.

Even Mike was impressed with that that was quick for even Bruno he informed Mick, we were gobsmacked that would have taken us all day what a dog he is no wonder he is superdawg, Mick however has a surprise he had brought along an old leather football that we found washed up along the beach, here Bruno get this and threw the ball along the beach , well we all had great fun chasing the ball , we met up with a few other dogs who were on the beach and said hello after all it would be rude not to .

Bob was very excited and was full of question about hill and mountain walking and pestered Bruno for answers, then Mick lead us all to a grassy spot in the dunes, whilst he and Mike sat down and talked, we went off with Bruno for a mooch around, Bruno was brill he answered all our questions and showed Bob how to back track, A very useful skill to have for when our owners get lost and its getting close to tea time , then sadly it was time for us to part , Mick had to go on a very long drive down south to visit his poorly dad , and had to set off sooner rather than later , so he said good bye to Mike and Bruno who were heading off further down the beach and we returned back to the car.

All the way back to the car we talked about Bruno and what a superdawg he is, we all hope that we can get out for a full day with him sometime, but he is very poorly so we don’t know if it will be possible, I guess we will just wait and see, the other bit of news was Mick spent some of his well-earned ££ and got a new coat off Mike who is using the money to go towards the charity Mind:-

The coat looks really warm and snug, we all hope to get the chance to settle down on it and have a snooze on it sometime. & Bob of course can’t wait to get out into the hills to try out his new found backtracking skills in fact we had to tell him to shut up several times on the drive home.

A short but very good morning walk made even better by Mike and Bruno.

As normal Mick took a few photos :-

 Bruno handing the burst ball back to Mike

Flynn going in to tackle Mike

Mike successfully defending the ball from a very late tackle from a wave

Bruno showing his ball skills


Flynn with me and Bob watching


Bruno with his burst ball


Looking back up the beach


Looking down the beach towards Cresswell


Bruno showing us how to backtrack


Me having a go watched by Bob


Bruno giving us some advice on how to do it correctly

Taken on our way back to the car one of the many ponds that are scattered around


Time for a drink


Bob trying his back tracking skills out


Me and Flynn having a go


Better not go in there look at the size of his horns !


 Thanks for reading .