DATE                                      19.07.12                        

DISTANCE                             JUST OVER 12 MILES

WEATHER                             BRIGHT AND SUNNY


After my last walk across the lakes two days earlier  I was feeling pretty pleased with myself , however it wasnít without  a cost , that was the following day I was stiff and sore and had a lovely bruise forming  just under my bum cheek where the  arty leg  bears most of the weight and then today when I got up I was still feeling the effects of that walk , now the last thing I wanted to do is make thing worse but I have found out in the past sometimes a small easy walk is just what I need to sort out any aches and pains , so that was it decided . I had done all my jobs the day before and had acquired loads of good boy points so it was up ,wash , breakfast grab my gear and off I went , stopping only to pick up a bite to eat from my favourite sarnie shop.

I decided that I would drive up to Boulmer, park up and have a nice easy walk along the coastal path, stop someplace have dinner then head back. The weather for once was good, bright with some sun. Well that was the plan however as normal it didnít quite happen that way.

Things got off to a good start, I was on my own and had a good selection of music playing away via my I pod when I looked up the coastline and saw a mass of what looked like white tents / caravans set out in front of Dunstanburgh castle.


 what the **** surly they havenít gone and put up a site there surly not. I will go on and say I was seeing this from 6 miles away and my eye sight isnít as good as it use to be. but there and then I decided that I would head up that way ďjust to find out what it wasĒ or at least till I could see thing a bit more clearly, the coastal path is very easy to walk along with places where you can drop down onto one of the many sandy or rocky bays and the beauty of it is its hardly used once you get away from the honey spots. I love walking along this section of coastline, it beautiful, unspoilt and for the most part very quiet, if you are lucky itís not unknown to see the odd seal swimming around and in October / November time itís not unusual to find young seals resting up on the beach.

 As I was  walking along  the stiffness on my leg seemed to sort itself out likewise my nagging back ache seem to disappear the only down side was I could feel the bruise under my bum cheek , its not painful but enough to remind me that I am taking it easy today. I sometime forget how quickly you can cover the ground when walking along the flat compared with my very slow uphill & down hill pace and I was just about to stop for a mid morning food break when I meet a couple of walkers who where walking the coastal path, after the normal exchanges I asked them about the white tents, they didnít know much as they went around them but informed me that it was a peace camp.

My rather limited mind went into overdrive ďa peace campĒ does that mean free love and all that stuff, you know willing women in brightly coloured wellies dishing out free love to one and all? Would there be free coffee (well I am getting on a bit nowadays) that was it I had to go and see, all thoughts about a nice slow short walk went out the window and off I went.

 On arriving at the flesh pots of Craster (loads of tourists) I treated myself to an ice cream and made some more inquires about thisĒ free loveĒ err I mean peace camp and got various replies from itís the scouts to its shut, there was only one thing to do and that was go see myself, so I joined (yuck) the crowds and headed off towards the ruined castle.

Yes they are white tents; all zipped up, very neat not what I would expect from a peace camp, more investigating is required, eventually I found some one who knew what was going on, its part of the 2012 /Olympic / art/ celebrations, they got quite excited when I told them that I had walked 6 miles up the coast to see it  and did an impromptu interview I wont go into what I thought of the whole project but hereís a link to who want to read up on this.


Photo taken at night.


So that was it, no free love!!! err I mean coffee so it was time for me to head back, just as I started I met up with a certain super dawg Bruno and his owner the world famous Mike Knipe who was out doing things and stuff, comments where exchanged about the lack of free love err I mean coffee and that no one could pitch there own tent up amongst the white ones and I think we both came up with the same thoughts on the matter along the lines of what a waste of money. Of course I didnít think like that because they had filmed /interviewed me and I am certain that Hollywood directors are busy sorting out the next blockbuster film for me to star in. Anyway by this time Bruno has his eye on a rather smart white poddle female dog and wanted to go see her so we went our separate ways.

 Link to mikes blog thingy: -

And that was that just six miles to go, nothing really, a quick stop at the tea room at Craster for coffee and cake and a really pleasant walk back down the coast, the only downside was I saw a dead seal washed up on the beach, I know all things die and it looked like an old fully grown one but I still didnít like it.

 Old dead seal.


Didnít  see a single person on the way back (just how I like it) and by the time I got to the car all my aches and pains had gone and one last look at the GPS read just over 12 miles .

All in all a very good relaxing days walking along the coast. As normal a few photos enjoy :-

 Just north of Boulmer Longhouhton Steel.


Howdiemont sands.


 Looking towards sugar sands.




Now heading towards Iron Scars.



 That reminds me roast beef sarnie.....tasty.


 Looking down towards Rumbling Kern.


Not sure what this section of coastline is called but its very impressive when the sea is rough.




Seagulls nesting on Cullernose Point.


 First sighting of the peace camp.


Getting closer.


Dunstanburgh Castle .


The peace camp.



Me heading back.


Looking back . cows not bothering anyone.


Heading back Northumberland coastal walking at its best.





Looking back towards Cullernose point.


Sea Gull (dont know what type)


 Tides on its way in , no more walking along the beach.


Rumbling Kern, nice place to stop for a while.



 Looking down , there are some underwater caves here.


 Old Arty leg wants his photo taken .


  Sammy the seal looking for tasty fish for tea.


 Howick Haven.


 My route , Iron Scars is now underwater.


 Back at Boulmer looking out towards the Haven.


Thanks for looking.

Day after thoughts.

On waking up in the morning with no stiffness or aches it would seem that having a nice easy flat walk is just what the doctor ordered and it was just over 12 miles so all in all a good result.