DATE                                          11.01.11

DISTANCE                                 4.2 MILES

WEATHER                                GREY WET AND WINDY

START / FINISH                        CAR PARK AT BOULMER


Once again the weather was forcing me towards the coast, it had been raining on and off for days , the ground was saturated , rivers in flood and the hills where a sopping mess , so today unless I really wanted to spend the day bog stomping and  swimming it had to be the coastline someplace ,

The beauty of the coastline is no matter how wet itís been the path stays mostly dry because of all the sand and the fact itís well drained. And even if there are boggy bits there is always the beach to walk along.

On pressing my nose to the  bedroom window and peering out  confirmed  that  it had finally  stopped raining  I decided to go for it , I had wet weather and warm gear packed away in my ruck sack and judging by the dark clouds I would need it before the day was out. Just a case of deciding where to go, I didnít fancy a long drive and to be honest I expected constant rain and strong winds so I didnít expect to get many miles done, on an impulse I decided to go to Boulmer and just see how things go from there.

Boulmer is a very old fishing village, but it has a free car park (something I really like) public toilets and most importantly a pub (the fishing boat inn) and they like walkers here, there is none of this looking down at your dirty boots and sighing at you, they like you. There is a really nice outdoor veranda type area at the back that looks straight out into the bay, lovely in the warmer evenings or warmer days; I certainly wouldnít be sitting there today.

On arriving at Boulmer , it was a case of quick cup of coffee , gear sorted and because it was cold extra layers on , then off I went , I didnít expect to clock up many miles , but that didnít really matter I was out having a walk in the fresh (very fresh ) air .

For the route please see above map, very easy walking and I had the added bonus of having the place to myself, normally there are a few twitchers (bird watchers) hanging around this area as the place is teeming with bird life , but they obviously had more sense than me and where staying at home in the warm.

I did about 4.2 miles, got caught in a couple of downpours, and fed a fat seagull that had no shame in begging for leftovers.  But as normal had a great day despite the weather and today it wasnít about knocking up the miles.

As normal a few photos.

Taken from the car, looking along the bay.


One of the old tractors still used today with the launching of the fishing boats.


Looking along the rocks known as Boulmer Steel, normally these rocks are teeming with birds.


One of the many metal sculptures that are fixed to the wall.


A Bit further along looking at a section of rock known as Longhoughton Steel.


With all the rain we have been having even the water flowing off the fields turned a small ditch into a small stream.


Now at Howdiemont sands.


Looking back.


More water running down towards the beach.


A few photos as I make my way along the coastal path.


The Howick burn in flood.


Flowing over the beach.


Iron Scars.


Looking back.


Now at Howick Haven and the sun starts to get out, itís still cold though.


This is about as far as I am going today; I decide to cut back now a few photos as I make my way back.



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