DATE                                 13.09.11

DISTANCE                        6 .25 miles

WEATHER                        Allsorts

START / FINISH               main car park


Whilst we where staying down this way we put aside one day to have a mooch around Bolton Abby and its grounds  we had been down this way a few years before but at the time I could hardly walk and so we didn’t get to go very far , today was going to be a bit different , however if there is one thing I have learnt its that take nothing for granted when it comes to arty leg and its fitting , on putting it one first thing I just knew that it was going to be one of those days . If any amputee ever reads this I needn’t explain, for you normal two legged people it’s when for no reason that I can find it just isn’t right, it hurts, feels funny, the leg wont work like it should and if you let it, it will totally bugger up your day, however its not the first time its happened to me and I am certain it wont be the last, and rather than get really pissed off about it and get depressed I sort of look at it as a challenge and try to push things along till I either bugger up completely or it sorts its self out , sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t , again I haven’t got a clue why , its just one of those things that you live with .

We duly arrived at one of the car parks, paid a huge amount of my hard earned money just for the privilege of parking my car there. (Yes you can tell that we are in Yorkshire and they don’t have a reputation for being money grabbers for nothing) and sorted our gear out, our route for today was nothing planned or anything just a walk around and see how it goes.

Being a miserable old sod I as a rule tend to keep away from where the crowds are but it’s a nice place and it has the advantage of having lots of eating and drinking places scattered around which means coffee stops. But first I had to get out of the car park and try to get walking past all the crowds and the stares that go with it, now I know that I look different but please don’t just stare, ask me rather than looking away when we make eye contact, I don’t bite (well not often) I am a nice person and will answer any questions about almost anything. 

The situation wasn’t helped by the fact I was having trouble just getting going , something that I really hate , I mean why is it when things don’t go right there is always a crowd about ? Anyway off we went, Yvonne leading the way and me wobbling along behind doing my best to “just get going”. after a few hundred meters things started to sort themselves out and my walking started to improve along with my mood, things where going to be ok today , if I could just hang on for a bit longer the leg would sort itself out , and sure enough it did , getting better and better as the day went on .

Our route took us down /past /along the old Augustinian priory ruin, something that is very impressive and worth a trip just to see that alone, down and over the river Wharfe, there are stepping stones here, it was part of my plan to cross over using them, but with all the rain that we had been having the centre stones where covered, so I wimped out and used the footbridge, from this point we linked up with part of the Dales way and headed upstream , we had read something about a section of the river known as the stride , which might have been a set of small waterfalls  or something so that was on the agenda , from there we crossed back over the river at a really big stone bridge know as wooden bridge ??? eh!, and walked back down stream along a very good path back to the main grounds of Bolton Abbey , naturally we stopped for coffee and sweet treats at one of the many tea rooms . But for me the best thing was that me and old arty leg got on ok despite the bad start. About 6. 25 miles give or take a foot or so .

As per normal a few photos enjoy:-

Bolton Abbey.


Gate house?

Bolton Hall?

Yvonne sitting down waiting for me.

A bit further along.

The stepping stones. (I wimped out at this point and took the bridge)

Looking back.

Now entering the woods last look at the ruins.

The river Wharfe and some of the locals.

River shot.

A bit further along looking back down at the river.

Yvonne sitting in one of the shelters that are scattered along the river.

First glimpse of the “Stride”

A few more photos.

Wooden bridge.

Yvonne having yet another sit down.

On “wooden bridge”.

Looking up towards Barden tower (ruin?)

Looking down the river.

Back at the Stride.

Heading downstream.

Yet again Yvonne finding a seat, this one was carved out of a huge rock.

Yes the rain started, as we where undercover we decided to wait it out.

It was just a passing shower and soon we where off again following the river downstream.

Now getting back to the grounds.

Very posh water fountain.

A few more photos showing the abbey / priory

Well worth a visit if you are down in the area .thank you .