DATE                                       19.02.13

DISTANCE                              8.4 MILES

WEATHER                             BRIGHT AND SUNNY


Bollihope burn

Today was always going to be a good day, to start with the weather forecast was good, cold but bright and sunny and I had a few days off work so why not go out walking someplace, I had decided to explore an old quarry that I had driven past in the car numerous times and always promised myself that one day I would take the time to have a mooch around the area , well today was that day , then when sorting out a suitable route for the day , I made the discovery that it’s in an area that I have walked in several times in the past .(duh some navigator I am) in fact I have even been to ½ a mile or so without even knowing it. So that was it.

Gear was sorted , and thrown into the car and off I went , the plan was to park up in the off road car park (really a bit of waist ground) at Bollihope by the burn , then follow this delightful burn a mile or so downstream then when the mood took me swing round and head up to  Catterick hill ? Cut over the top, hopefully link up with some sort of old mining track and head towards the old quarry on the side of Bridget Hill where I would have a mooch around, hopefully pick up a few shiny rocks that I would tell my little girl where very expensive stones and part of her inheritance if………………she behaved herself then wander back to the car. Simple eh?

As I had a couple more days off, I didn’t want to overdo things with my stumpy leg so decided to limit myself to around 8 miles, then if all went well I should be fine to go out the next day and the day after well that was my plan.

So it was a case of park up , coffee made gear on and off I went as normal a few photos , enjoy:-

Taken from where I parked up looking up the Bollihope burn


A bit further downstream looking back at what could be some old tips from one of the old quarries


One of the old lime kilns, there is a lot of old stuff to see on this walk today (if you are into this type of thing)


Last time I was down this way this building was an old vandalised ruin, it looks as if it been knocked down and rebuilt.


The delightful Bollihope Burn.


Same again.


Some old caves? I don’t know how big they are or even if they are caves, and I wasn’t about to walk back upstream to cross over to find out. (One day I will)


Now about to enter the forgotten Quarry.


My route.


The small frozen pond , I think that this was part of the quarry system as there is a lot of old stone work where the burn was diverted into it , one day I will buy a book with a bit of local history and find out for certain.


A couple of photos of old slag heaps or whatever they are called.


Now just past the farm at White Kirkley, some of the locals.


More big lime kilns


Old rail? Bridge crossing the burn, like I said there is a lot of history in this area.


Looking back.


Now entering the Harehope gill lead mine and its old ruins, there is a notice board with all the info about this place, worth a read.


Wooden seat, I have found that there are a few of these seats dotted along the Weardale way.


A lump of Frosterley Marble on display, there is a lot of this stuff on the river bed but to see it you have to visit when the burn is very low, or in the middle of summer when the burn dries up at this section. (It doesn’t really disappear there are a series of underground channels and the water reappears in the quarry.


Small waterfall. (This disappears in the summer months)


I think that this is a viewing platform for the quarry.


Now heading towards the river Wear, one of the locals.


One of the ponds used by Broadwood Quarry.


Old heaps, again signs showing that this area has been extensively mined over the years.


Looking down on the river Wear, I intend to head upstream for a bit now.


With the odd side trip to have a look at yet another old quarry or is it a mine?


Again more man made tips.


Back on the river Wear looking at what used to be an old bridge?


A few more of the locals with a little one.


Now heading up towards Hill End, looking back down towards the river.


Now on a quad bike track heading up and hopefully over Catterick hill (426 meters)


As I get higher the views start to get better.


Looking the other way towards the nearly world famous elephant trees.


Getting near the top, there is quite a bit of frozen ice still lying about; with the breeze it helps keep the air temperature down on this slow slog up hill.


Another look towards the Elephant trees.


Nearly at the top, I didn’t see a path to the trig point (if there was one) so I didn’t bother going right to the top as such (I know I am such a hack at times)


Starting on my way down.


Looking down to where my car is parked at Bollihope burn (it’s the dark green one)


Looking towards the quarry that I have driven past many times , but today I intend to have a mooch around.


But first I have to get down there, passing yet another old quarry.


I don’t know this quarry’s name (if it had one) but I found lots of pretty bits of rock lying about.


Still heading down.


An old mine entrance, or was it an old water course (one day I will get a book that has all the info in)


And another shaft entrance, again I don’t have a clue about it.


Now down on the Bollihope burn.


My path upstream.


Looking back and up.


After a mooch around this quarry and a few more rocks collected it’s time to start back, looking back.


 A bit further along , looking back , at this point I walk the rest of the way along a small road , not the best way but I am trying to keep the distance down to about 8 miles .


Looking up to Catterick hill.


Day after thoughts

Nothing really I was up early for another walk, I was a bit stiff but soon loosened up as I started walking,(after coffee) stumpy leg was fine.

In the end according to my trusty GPS I did 8.4 miles with about 1400 ft. of ups and downs .


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