DATE                              22.03.11

DISTANCE                     ABOUT 8 MILES

WEATHER                     BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Bollihope in Weardale.

Once again big thanks to Mike Knipe of northernpies.blogspot for supplying the info for this walk, even though I did cut out a couple of bits. But that doesn’t really matter.
Anyway the walk parked the car up by the river? Stream? Burn? (Just checked the map it called a burn.) At Bollihope and set off along the footpath following the burn down stream, this footpath joins up with the Weardale way at White Kirkley , I have to say I was very impressed with the upkeep of this footpath , all very well way marked and all the gates ect where in very good condition , the other good thing about this path was the amount of “stuff” that was scattered around , line kilns , old mine workings ect , see the photos for more info or better still go visit , I will even post a route map for you.
Anyway back to the walk from here I took a small detour off the Weardale way to have a mooch around and to see a lump of marble (because im sad like that) it turned out that these clever people already knew about people like me and put in a loop in the footpath so its all above board and any one can go there.
From this point I went round Harehope Quarry which seemed to have a lot of stuff going on for a disused quarry, if you want to know what ……..Go visit.
From here I headed to the river Wear then headed back upstream, again excellent footpath conditions make for some really good walking especially if like me you are a bit challenged in the mobility department. Left this footpath at bridge end then cut uphill to a place called hill end and believe me I was pleased that it was the hill end(lots of puffing and panting) at this point it was a walk along a well used track giving excellent views along and across the valley not really sue of any names from this point so you will have to look at the map , but for the rest of the walk had a another mooch around a few old quarries for some nice lumps of glittery rock and saw a couple of water falls .
I think I did about 8 miles or so not that it really matters. The weather was spot on, glorious sun with a breeze to stop you getting to hot, spring in the air with an abundance of wildlife out and about, and excellent walking conditions.
One thing about this walk it showed me how much more there is down this area, I might even splash out and see if I can get a local guild book just so I can read up on some of the local history of these old sites.

As normal a few photos .enjoy
First photo taken from where I left the car


Looking down the burn at some old quarry workings

Lime Kilns

 Mill house, it looked like this was / had been in the process of being restored however the broken widows and kicked in doors showed even here the local youths have nothing better to do.

The entrance to the forgotten Quarry

Board that states it all

Entering the quarry

looking back

Another board, some one had gone to a lot of trouble to place these information boards something that Northumberland could learn from.( NOTE THE HAND DOG )

And a photo of the line Kilns

Mum with new lamb(Quick run here comes Mick!)

Old Rail Bridge (no longer used)

Bit of an old lead mine

And the info board

This is what I came to see (how sad am I?)

Close up

Tons of the stuff in the river. If you want to know anything about it, either (a) go visit or (b) ask someone.

Waterfall into the Quarry

looking down into Harehope quarry, there seems to be a lot of” things” happing in there.

Quarry shot

Locals! There was even some strange pigs living here, lots of stuff going on in this disused quarry

Old bridge over the Wear

Old spoil heaps, due to time I didn’t get to have a mooch around here.

At Hill end looking across the valley.

Looking across (at max zoom) at what I think are the nearly world famous elephant trees) somewhere I intend to visit soon.

Again at max zoom looking down to the line kilns I passed this morning

The track heading down

Looking back up to where I was earlier

Small waterfall on the Howden Burn

Back at the car.

Yet another good days walking down Weardale way .