Mick & Bob at Cross Dyke (a joint effort)

Bobs side of this trip:-

Well I don’t really know where to start, I had gotten up early with Munchy & Flynn, had breakfast, done our morning walk and was all for grabbing forty winks when Yvonne walked up to me and stated that I would be joining Mick for a trip up to the hills ……………..Great, wake me in an hour or so and settled down for a well deserved nap. only to be picked up and carried out to the car , Have fun barked Flynn and Munchy who where busy snuggling down in what looked like an very inviting bed , yeah see you later I barked back.

You ok asked Mick as we drove off, yes I fine thank you I barked back wake me up when we get there will you and promptly dropped off to sleep.

Wake up sleepy head we are here said Mick, and proceeded to lift me out of the car, after a quick stretch I was ready to go , not so fast said Mick coffee first , and so while mick drunk his coffee I had a mooch around , there was hills all around and sheep lots and lots of sheep , Mick noticed me looking at them and went into his “serious talk mode “ now no barking at them and if your good once we get away from the fields I will let you off your lead . Ok I will be good I barked back …..Now how about a treat? Ok said mick and rummaged in the ruck sack for a tasty treat for me, why don’t you leave them all out I barked and I will look after them. Mick smiled and proceeded to put the packet back in the ruck sack. (Barstard)

Coffee was drunk, treat eaten and off we went, me leading the way but having to stop every few yards to stare at the sheep, they wasn’t even bothered about me ………..I really wanted to bark at them but I knew that if I did Mick would bollock me so I settled for a “just you wait look” again that didn’t seem to bother them, they are obviously very stupid animals and I decided that I wouldn’t waist any more time on them, and proceeded to head up the valley , “lets cut along the river “ said mick ..ok and off I went , once there Mick seemed pleased with me and decided to let me off the lead , great now I could wander all over the place , but first a trip to have a drink and a paddle in the river Alwin .

The walk along the river was mint, lots of different sights and smells lots of fly’s and bugs to chase and lots of tall grass to jump into and disappear, I smelt something really rotten and had to go see “come on Mick” I barked and went full pelt along the sheep trail only to find what was making the smell, a dead sheep’s head.”


Can I take it home to show Munchy and Flynn “NO I don’t think so “was all I got in the way of a reply? Sometimes Mick is a bit mean.

Come on time for a bit of training said mick, and for the next hour or so I spent a silly amount of time running away from him only to return when he called me and walking along side him for a bit, I didn’t mind as he kept giving me tasty treats when I did it right, and it was good fun learning.

Lunch was had had sitting by the river , I naturally gave Mick my best puppy dog eyes and managed to get a fair amount of the beef out of his sarnie and it was very tasty, then it was time for a slow climb up this huge hill , it wasn’t that bad as it turned out , Mick is very slow when it comes to walking uphill and I found lots of Rabbit trails to explore , but every now and then I still had to sit down and wait for him to catch up , this seemed to please Mick and between puffs he said that I was a good boy .

Eventually we made it to the top , there was lots of sheep about , Mick called me in close and made me walk right near him , I didn’t mind after all it was better than being on the lead and the views where pretty good . Then it was down onto a well used track down into the small village of Alwinton where we stopped and had a well deserved rest and drink stop, then back along the river to where the car was parked, I will admit to being a bit tried now and as soon as I was in the car I had a snooze.

Only to be woken up when we got back home, where Mick decided to embarrass me by carrying me into the house and telling the other that he had worn me out Grrr .However I will admit to snoozing on the settee till tea was ready.

Mick’s bit of the report

With the weather finally starting to cool down a bit and the fact that my arty leg had been fixed and I had finally settled down into the socket I decided to get off my fat lazy arse and try to get back into doing a small walk back in the hills someplace, I wouldn’t be going far or doing anything hard with regards to the ups and downs so why not take one of the pups.

After a quick chat with my better half Yvonne we decided that I would take Bob with me today, so while I was sorting out my gear, Yvonne went and broke the good news to Bob.

Bob is by nature a bit of a lazy hack so it would be interesting to see how he got on, once in the car he promptly fell asleep, however once we arrived and got started I couldn’t have asked for a better well behaved dog, I will admit to have some concerns about how he would behave around sheep on his own and again he didn’t let me down.  we did about 5 miles give or take the odd foot but with all his tear arsing about Bob most likely did about seven , even though I had many rest stops I do think that he was feeling a bit knackered in the end .

As for myself I felt fine , Arty leg was ok but I did start to lose suction going up hill when I was sweating so I think that the socket will need to get packed out a bit more but all in all a good start .

As normal a few photos.

Heading towards river Alwin.


Getting a bit closer.

Bob going to get a drink.


Looking up along the river

Looking back.

Our first rest stop, between Rookland hill and Clennell hill.

Bob looking very happy that he is no longer on a lead.

Bob not so happy as I told him no more treats for a while.


Looking up towards Inner hill in Kidland forest.

Looking back along the valley.

Bob running in the long grass.



Can I take this home please?

Opened up forest land.


Bob waiting for me to catch up.


Heading up Cross Dyke.

Looking back down.


Looking down along the valley we walked along.


A bit further up.


Looking back down.


A few more as I struggle to keep up with Bob.


Bob having a nose around.


A few more views as we make our way along.


Bob back on lead as we meet up with more sheep.

Heading down Clennell Street.

Nearly down.


Bob having a rest in the green lower pastures.