DATE                               01.05.06

DISTANCE                     4.3 MILES

WEATHER                     OVERCAST BUT DRY


After a busy morning catching up with a million and one jobs I finally finished off the last one just as my better half called me in for lunch, over lunch I suggested that we get out somewhere for a small local walk, it couldn’t be far as “half the day had gone” and we hadn’t even thought about getting our gear sorted or even where to go. getting the gear sorted didn’t take long as I have got into the habit of sorting it out before I put it away so all I have to do is “just add food and drinks”, food wouldn’t be a problem as we have just eaten and as for drink we would just take a flask of coffee after all it’s just going to be a short afternoon stroll.

On the way to the car, my better half suggested Blanchland and so that was it, it just so happened that I had downloaded one of the walking leaflets for this area and there looked like a nice easy 4.3 mile walk taking in some of the local scenery so why not and just to make things even better there is a lovley little tea room where we would call in and have a cream tea at the end of the walk. …….a word of warning here, after the walk we called in the tea room and was going to order one cream tea and split it between us but when it arrived world war three nearly broke out between us as to who had the most cream and jam etc. in the end to save any further argument we quickly called the waitress over and ordered another cream tea, and so peace was restored in our household ….a very important lesson was learnt today. We my better half and me don’t do the whole “sharing” thing very well when it come to cream teas , far better we have our own one and if we feel sick after wards so be it . Anyway a link to the old school house tea room (it’s now known as Monk’s tearoom)


On arriving, it was a case of gear sorted and on, after a few false starts we eventually set off in the right directing following the pdf leaflet route, by this time I had taken over the navigating, but I will admit it was a bit tricky to start with you know finding where you are in relationship to the start point on the leaflet however once we where on the right route it became very easy to follow so I put Yvonne firmly in charge of navigating once again.

Our route was all easy walking with the high light being the old ruined lead mine and of course the tea room, sadly I hadn’t charged the battery up on the camera before we set off and there wasn’t enough power to take many photos , it was a case of press the button and hope that it fired then a case of waiting for the flat battery to slowly recharge itself ready for another photo , not that it really mattered as we have returned many times over the years and have loads of better photos but for this walk there aren’t  that many .

Just left Blanchland looking over the fields ……….a grey day


Yvonne has the camera and despite letting her know the battery is dead she still cant help herself


Looking down towards the burn


Same again

Yvonne doing an arty tree shot


First sighting of the lead mine


A bit closer


A couple more


A couple of my better half


Looking back

Tree? (Sorry I don’t know why Yvonne took this photo


Me leading the way down into the trees


A grouse we saw

Last photo as we get back into Blanchland


DAY AFTER THOUGHTS : none really , we both really enjoyed our afternoon stroll and decided that we would return and walk the area some more


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