DATE                                     29.06.11

WEATHER                           HOT AND SUNNY

DISTANCE                            6 1/3 MILES


I haven’t been around this area for a while so I decided that I would pay it a visit.

The plan was to park up at the car park just past the farm at Blindburn and just go where the mood took me.  Some plan eh!  Just have a day walking out in the fresh air.

Once I got my gear on without even thinking about it I set off up along the trail that runs along Buckhams Wall Burn.  From there I followed Rennies Burn (I have to say I am not quite sure when the burns change names …………not that it really matters).  From there along to Green Law, at this point I decided to follow an old sheep trail that took me up to the Pennine Way. It’s all open access up here so you can go more or less where you want.

Once on the Pennine Way I decided to stop at the Mountain Refuge Hut for my lunch.  It was at this point I really had to start and give my route some serious thought.  I didn’t want to go too far as I had a big coastal walk planned for the next day, and the last thing I wanted to do was to knacker my leg up.  However it was a good day, you know blue sky, birds singing and I didn’t want to waste the rest of the day so I decided that I would be very brave and get to the top of Lamb Hill then pop across the border into Scotland and head towards Broadlaw (not really sure why).  From there I retraced my steps till I joined the footpath that takes you past the old ruins at Yearning Hall down along the Blind Burn back to the farm where the car was parked, I think I did about 6 ˝ miles, very easy walking in & out of some very lovely valleys.

As per normal a few photo’s enjoy

Just set off looking back towards the car.

Looking ahead towards Yearning Law.

The path had been washed away sometime during the winte.  No big deal you can jump across from side to side this time of the year.

My route ahead.

Looking at what, according to the map, was an old settlement!

Nice little pool.

Looking back, it is really nice easy walking along this burn; I am surprised that hardly anyone uses it.

Old ruined sheep stell.

Just looking back again.

Starting to slowly gain a bit of height.

Yep another little pool.

Looking back again.

Starting to head up towards the border and the Pennine Way.

The refuge hut.

Peering over the border into Scotland.

A  view from Lamb Hill.

 Now at the ruins at Yearning Hall.

Looking at my route ahead.

Looking back.

 Crossing over the Blind Burn.

Arty shot.

Again looking back towards Yearning Hall.

A few photos as I walk down the valley.

The back garden with pets at Blindburn.

Thank you


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