DATE                                 05.06.11

WEATHER                       GREY AND WET

DISTANCE                      ABOUT 5 1/2 MILES      




Today I decided that it was about time that my better half got a bit of fresh air into her lungs and got a bit of exercise as well.  My suggestion went down extremely well, with words like not a chance, have you seen the weather & I've got nothing to wear!  Why do women need new outfits when they go out? I mean I've got some old shorts that have lasted me years and, with a bit of sewing, will last even more.  However I put all these thoughts aside, and explained - itís a walk dear, no one will see you and if they do they wont care.  As for the weather itís just a passing shower, itís bound to be sunny where we are going, and you have that new waterproof jacket.  Then because I still felt that I was losing the argument I decided on a bit of bribery, we could always keep the walk short and get something to eat in the old church house at Blanchland, you know you love their cream teas.

Then before she new what hit her, the kit's in the car and off we go.

The route for today was going to be around 8 miles but as the sky got darker and wetter I decided that I had better make it shorter.  I decided that I would do one of Mike Knipes' DCC walks that I had been reading about.

We parked up at Baybridge and headed over the bridge into Durham.  Heading along the road till we entered Deborahís Woo.  This was one of my many mistakes of the day, simply because each time the wind blew we got showered by heavy very large and wet water droplets.  I did try pointing out the blue bells, however she had a face a bit like a smacked arse so we carried along till we joined the road from there we went ÖÖÖLook at the map its easer.

The rest of the walk didnít go much better.  Up on the moors we could see next to nothing and I made the mistake of informing her that she looked a bit wet and bedraggled (spelling) which went down very well.  However, stupid I may be but Iím not that stupid, so I suggested that we cut the walk short and head back down to Blanchland for hot food.  I didnít have the heart to let her know we were on our way there anyway.  She just thought that I was sacrificing my walk so she could get out of the rain.  Yes it was raining very heavy by now. (I know I said it was just going to be a passing shower).

Anyway we made the tea room in Blanchland, and it was at this point my better half decided on revenge and ordered hot beef & onions rolls with hot milky coffee and real cream & jam scones for desert whilst explaining to me this is my dinner/supper as she wonít be cooking or preparing food later when we got back home.  I will admit that it all tasted very nice until it was time to pay (how much!).

After I picked myself up off the floor I decided it was time to finish the walk.  Just a case of walking along the river, back to Baybridge.  At this point we had a choice of either walking on the Durham side which was mostly forest or walking along the river bank on the Northumberland side, we chose the Northumberland side.

Whilst driving back my better half looked in the mirror and noticed that her hair had gone all frizzy, boy did I get it.  I am certain that nothing was mentioned on the DURHAM CC leaflet about this happing so I have contacted the person concerned and he has offered to cut out all the frizzy bits (apparently he is a bit of a whizz at this sort of stuff although his dog and many sheep disagree).

As per norm a few photos (not many coz it was raining) enjoy:-

Looking at the river by the car park at Baybridge.

Entering the woods.


Bluebells (not sure what type).



Old ruin with tree.


Another old ruin.

Old pump house.

Up on the moors.

Still up on the moors enjoying the spectacular views.

Because itís so good another view.



And again.

Tea room.


 Old post office now a shop (don't know if it's still a post office though).


Walking back along the river looking at the bluebells.


And again.

Baybridge (where the car is).



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