DATE                                    08.02.11

DISTANCE                          8.2 MILES

WEATHER                          COLD AND GREY


Black hag

After a recent day mooching around this area I had promised myself that I would return when the wind wasn’t so strong and make the most of the “new” tracks that I found.

The walk was starting at Hethpool walk along the private road till I came to the forest track opposite the farm at Whitehall from there a steady plod uphill till I came to a newly  made foresters track , my plan was to follow this track onto Saughieside Hill (478m) then head off to Black Hag (549m) then try to do a ridge walk to Blackhagg Rigg  then carry on down to the site of some old hill fort (nice posh name for grassy mound)  on the tongue (373m) then get on the footpath back to the valley floor , from there  it was a simple case of walking back along the road to where the car was parked .

I couldn’t help but notice as I was driving up towards the park that their was snow on the tops, I was hoping that it wasn’t too deep, simply because once it gets above 3” I cant get my prosthesis (arty leg) to function, but I decided that I would give it a go and if the snow was too deep I would just drop down below it.

As it turned out, the breeze blowing over the snow helped keep me cool, and at greater height the snow had turned to ice, which in turn covered all the peat bogs with a frozen layer making it much easer to walk. The snow had even done its best to help flatten the heather again making easer to walk on.

First photo taken from the start point looking along the valley.


Now heading up the forest track looking back at the other side of the valley (the Tors)


Looking down at the Whitehall burn.


Looking back at the forest that I have just left.


Slowly heading up still, looking back at the rolling hills, just starting to pick up a bit of snow lying around.


A distant Black hagg and a bit more snow.


Looking back.

Looking across at a snow covered Schil.


Looking across toward Braydon crag.


A distant Bizzle showing the waterfall frozen.


Heading down looking back.


Looking along the valley towards the Hen Hole.


The Bizzle again.

Towards Scotland and the rolling boarder hills.


Still heading down, the ice has returned back to snow and slush.


Looking around from Blackhagg s rigg.


Across the valley.


The way forward.


Back on a quad bike track heading towards the old hill fort.


Peering over the side looking at the Collage Burn.


Peering over the other side.


Same again just a bit further along.


That rounded grass mound thingy is the hill fort (I did warn you not to expect too much)


Peering over the top looking towards the farm at Southerknowe.


Old long forgotten sheep stell.


Looking up along the Collage valley.


Peering down looking at Cuddy hall and the war memorable.


Time to stat heading down, looking right along the Collage valley towards where the car is.


Still heading down.


Peering round the side towards the Bizzle.


Back on the road .


Last look back up the valley.


Looking across to the other side of the valley (notice how the sun is coming out now that I am near the end of this walk.

Thanks for reading .