DATE                              27.04.15

DISTANCE                     ABOUT 2.5 MILES (WE DID LOADS MORE)

WEATHER                     BRIGHT AND SUNNY




 I was busy mooching around the kitchen area hoping that either Mick or Yvonne had dropped a few tasty tit bits on the floor and had  forgot about picking them up  when Mick came in carrying his rucksack , Hey Mick I barked it’s a bit late ….. are you going out ? , No munchy I’m getting it ready for the morning, I want to get every thing packed and ready so we can get an early start …..are we all going with you I barked back secretly hoping that the answer would be yes, of course you are “GREAT” I barked back I go tell Bob & Flynn and went rushing off to tell the others, Bob was busy laying on the settee watching Flynn who was busy trying to hide a few treats without Bob noticing, hey you two guess what I barked, “what”?  They both replied, Micks getting the gear ready for an early start in the morning and we are going with him , Great Bob replied did he say where we where going ………..err no I didn’t ask I replied  and quickly turned around and run back into the kitchen “hey Mick” where are we going” ? Well Munchy seeing as we have been along the coast almost every day and it’s lambing time in the hills I thought that we could all spend the day up in the forest and crags at Simonside , I want to test out my knee to see how it holds up when we do a bit of scrabbling and I know you lot like exploring the trees so what do you think Greatttttttttttttt I barked back and went bounding into the front room to let Bob and Flynn know ,” It’s Simonside “ I barked . Yeah!!!!!! they barked back and we all ran around the room bouncing all over the place, Yvonne smiled and told us to stop making such a racket and to calm down a bit, of course we totally disregarded what she said and carried on running around, I couldn’t help but notice that even in the middle of our mad five minutes Bob had found one of Flynn’s chews and was busy scoffing it down quickly before Flynn noticed. Come on Boy’s settle down said Yvonne this time with a bit more firmness in her voice so we settled down, after a few minutes Bob asked me did you notice if Mick had packed our food, err no I didn’t I replied but Mick pretty good at remembering things lets wait till the morning before we start asking him stuff shall we.

Then Mick came in and sat down to watch TV, naturally we all rushed to sit next to him and for the next hour we all chilled out , Bob fell asleep , I lay on my back so mick could rub my tummy , Flynn went over to Yvonne  and sat on her lap before dropping off to sleep  , next minute I found myself being gently put in my bed along with Bob and Flynn who where also half asleep , “Night night” I managed to woof , sleep tight Boy’s replied Mick and Yvonne and that was it I dropped off fast asleep dreaming of the adventure that we would have , I noticed that Bob was dreaming because he was making noises and kicking his legs out every now and then , I peered across towards Flynn but could only see his nose the rest of him was buried under the blanket , Flynn likes to sleep covered up , I did think about getting up and going to where Flynn had a hidden stash of goodies and moving them but before I knew it I was fast asleep .

As normal we all woke up when we heard either Mick or Yvonne moving or the alarm going off and went bounding upstairs and leapt onto the bed, come on you lazy hacks time to get up we barked, we where getting excited about going out for the day ….ok said Mick give me a few minutes to get ready, Yvonne got up and let us out into the garden, we like the garden normally there are a few birds to chase and bark at and sometime if we are really lucky there is the cat to chase , we love to chase the cat and if there is nothing around we chase each other and race around the pond , eventually Mick came down , had breakfast got the rucksack ready looked at us and said “yes” I’ve got your coats , water , bowls , treats and food .any questions ? No we all barked well then lets go ……..Charge we didn’t need telling twice and all run to the car , Mick let us in and once we had settled down mick set off.

It didn’t take to long before Mick stopped the car and let us out, “don’t go far “shouted Mick as we ran off to explore, we love it here in the forest, there is so much to see and do and loads of things to sniff at, whilst Mick was putting his boots on we had a quick chat amongst ourselves , I keep an eye on mick today I said it must be my turn , I give you a hand said Flynn , we both know that Bob simply loves roaming free in these woods , he will spend ages ranging all around us , Thanks Guy’s said Bob I do the next turn .

Ok lets go said Mick and off we went, it was a lovley day and once we where clear of the car park mick sent us off to play and mooch, we all went hurtling into the trees, of course we couldn’t keep up with Bob who was already bounding all over the place, but that didn’t matter we where having fun, because it was so early we had the place to ourselves , Mick told us that he wanted to get clear away from the car park area because he knew it would get busy later so for the first ten minutes we run as quickly as possible to get away from the parking area .

Shortly we came across a strange sign , mick told us that it was telling us that the path was closed , but as normal mick disregarded it and we went running off down the path , A few minutes later Bob came running back and told us the cave was not far away , Let’s go we all barked and went running off towards it , last time we where here this little cave was full of rubbish , but someone must have been here and cleaned it all up , Mick of course took a few photos and told us that this is much better and the way things should be , Bob lead us back to the main path and went running off to explore and check things out whilst me and Flynn walked with mick for a bit .after all it is our job to keep an eye on him ,after a few minutes  Bob came running back and informed us that the path ahead had disappeared along with all the trees , its just miles of mud said Bob , ok said Mick we will have a look and then head off along a different path if need be , however as we got closer we could see that it was the forestry people had been cutting down the trees and there was a good but muddy track still heading up to the crags , Come on said mick we head up this way for a bit and off we went when suddenly there was a load crack from Mick’s  ARTY Leg and Mick fell over , naturally we run up to him “are you ok” I asked ? yes I’m fine Munchy but it looks like my Arty leg is broken, I took a look and he was right his foot was sticking out at a funny angle, “err mick your foot doesn’t look right” I told him …………..Mick spent the next few minutes swearing at almost every one and everything he could think off, I sent out a secret call for Bob who came hurtling back straight away “what up Munchy” Mick has broken his leg I replied , Bob took one look and agreed . Right come on boy’s said Mick lets find a better spot and get sorted , but after a few steps the foot dropped off and mick decided that he would have to sort it out here , naturally we took up out guard posts just to make sure nothing tried to get Mick whilst he got sorted out .

Mick emptied out his ruck sack and started to sort out his emergency stuff, but sadly the metal bit was broken and there was nothing he could do, right boys this is the plan he said to us, first tings first, lets have something to eat and drink and proceeded to fill our water bowl up and put our treat bowl out, then he had coffee and cake, we naturally left our guard post and helped him with the cake before we started on our treats.

Mick then set about trying to fix his leg, fist thing he did was get four black garden ties and pull them tightly around the ankle joint, then he twisted his foot so it was facing the right way then wrapped duck tape all around it, hoping that would keep the foot from spinning round, then he got his spare laces and tied a funny knot under the boot and onto the knee joint that should stop the foot from sliding down , We sat there just watching , mick went on to say that this wasn’t the first time this had happened but it did mean the end of the walk for the day , we wasn’t bothered about the walk as long as Mick was alright , then it was time to pack up and head back , Mick could only hobble very slow and had to stop every twenty meters or so to straighten the foot up , but he seemed ok and told us to go play and enjoy ourselves , you might as well make the most of this he said after all it’s going to take ages to get back so you all might as well go and play in the trees , charge we went  running and playing , as I have said before we love it in these woods there is so much to see and do , every now and then one of us would pop back and check up on Mick and see if he was alright , Bob saw a deer but it ran away before we could speak to it , I chased Bob for ages and got right out of breath and went to join Mick on the path , shortly Flynn jumped out of the trees and joined us , boy Bob can certainly run around  I think that bob really loves being out here said Flynn , yes your right I replied , I loves these woods as well but Bob seems just to fly around in there , he is all over the place and doesn’t even get tired where I’m knackered after five minutes of running in the undergrowth.

We stayed with Mick for the rest of the journey back , Bob would call in every now and then before charging back into the undergrowth , we had a couple more rest stops then we came back to the car park , mick told us we  might as well have dinner at one of the picnic  tables which was deserted , I think that mick wanted to rest up before the drive back so we didn’t mind , the picnic table was in the middle of a grassy meadow and whilst Mick sorted his and our food and water out we went off for a last mooch and play , Bob smelling that there was food about came hurtling out of the undergrowth , we all helped Mick with his roast beef sarnie , had a play and a snooze in the sun then it was time to get in the car , Mick apologised to us for such a short walk and told us on his next days off we would return if the weather was good , we didn’t care as long as mick was alright that was all that mattered , then we jumped into the car and headed back home .


Despite the walk being cut really short we had a great time. Mick managed to ring the limb centre from home and went straight in and they managed to fix his leg for him so that’s good. Hopefully when Mick has a day or two off we will return and do a much bigger walk.

A few photos from today

Just got away from the small car park, mooching around the edge of the track


The sign that said the path was closed


Flynn in the trees


ME (Munchy) having a run


Bob checking up on Mick


Some old forgotten wall


We think that this might be a squirrel drey


Flynn on top of the small cave


All the rubbish has been removed


Me on top


Looking inside


Up close


Where the footpath turns into a muddy mess


Mick foot has just gone crack and this happens


Sitting down and having a think about what to do


Bob checking the area out


Looking up to where the path leads, normally the whole area is covered in tress and you can’t see this


Looking up towards the crags, we will be back another day


Bob checking a muddy puddle out


A gap in the trees and we can see towards the Cheviots


Bob just checking in


Phew me struggling up the bank (it’s hard work running with Bob)


Bob is out there somewhere


Having a break, looking up towards Dove crag (where we should have been)




Heading down to the picnic field


Bob and Flynn having a few treats