DATE                                   27.07.2010

DISTANCE                          6.7 MILES

WEATHER                          BRIGHT & SUNNY





Dont  really know where to start or what to say about this walk, the reason being is that I didn’t make any notes in my walking dairy about it, so I haven’t got a clue what or why I chose this route, Normally I would have seen a photo of something I wanted to see for myself or wanted to have a mooch around a section of a particular area but for this walk I haven’t got a clue why, there is a fair bit done wandering along St Cuthbert’s Way so maybe that’s why who knows. All I can say for definite is that I must have been Billy no mates as there is no one in any of the photos.

The walk, started and finished for that matter at the free car park near wooler common (did I ever tell you how much I like the word free?), there are tables and benches there as well as a man made pond, along with its assorted ducks, no seriously it a nice place to go and see, they have even put up a notice board and a few sign letting you know what tree is what type.

And of course it’s a good starting point for this walk …duh!!! I wouldn’t have parked there if it wasn’t. Would I?

I’m going to take it that I made and drank coffee and got my gear sorted out as normal before I set off and the fact that I am sitting here writing about it years later must mean that I found my way back ok or if there was any sort of disaster I must have sorted it out and came out ok, and because I cant remember bugger all about this walk means that I didn’t save any buxom wenches or fight off any wayward dragons or chase any sheep ………….err!!! Best not go there …………….Moving on   quickly.

Looking at the photos it would seem that I had picked a good day weather wise and according to the map that I saved about 6.76 miles with about 1200 ft. of the ups and downs

As normal a few photos, I will do my best to try to label what’s what but don’t be too surprised if I get a few things wrong.

Just cleared the wood at Browns Law, heading along St Cuthbert’s way

Looking back down the path, very easy walking along short grass (sheep?)

Looking down Bell’s valley and the old ruin down there

Not really sure why I took this photo, could be the Cheviot in the far distance

Again I haven’t got a clue where I am or what I am looking at but the post said that I am still on St Cuthbert’s Way

Looking up to Gains Law , I haven’t got a clue why I didn’t do a little detour up there , normally I would have , but seeing as I can remember bugger all there must be a good reason why I didn’t .


A very well used quad bike track (St Cuthbert’s way) cutting straight through the heather


One of the many small crevices that are scattered around here as far as I know there is no name attached to this one


Taken at max zoom looking out towards the coast and the patchwork of farmers fields


Cutting down on the lower slops of Scald hill


The path has all but gone now as you make your way across a very wet and boggy section, a few stone cairns mark the general direction.


Bee hives ……………not sure what they are doing here but I do know at the present moment of time the bees are having a bit of a rough time of things pre haps these where put all the way out here to keep the safe …………don’t really know …a job for Goggle later on I think

Again I am not really sure what I am looking at, one of the many small tree plantations


Now on a well used track that cut across the moors, I am heading down towards Wooler


The track follows the Akeld burn and slowly drops down to join it a bit further along


Still heading down , I have to say that the views that open up are really good , perhaps that’s why I am out here today , just having a mooch around


Looking up towards Glead’s Cleugh which will take you up to either White Law or Akeld Hill again not my route today it would seem


Still heading down my first sighting of the small holding at Gleadscleugh


Getting closer, I remember stopping here with my wife years before and talking about what a lovley place to live, that was before I became a useless person


Another photo as I make my way along, this certainly is a beautiful area.


Heading up the side of Harehope Hill, looking back (I dare say if the truth was known I was really getting my breath back)


Taken at max zoom looking towards a strange building in the distance (no I don’t know what it is)


Looking back towards Akeld Hill


Same again, but from a bit higher and further along, I have to say that I am very happy with the views maybe that’s why I am here today...Who knows?


Looking up at Harehope Hill, I don’t know why I am walking around the edges; maybe I wasn’t walking very well with arty leg or there was some other problem with my mobility or could it be back then I just wasn’t up to anything like this , sigh!! I just cant remember


Again I haven’t got a clue what type of mushroom / toadstool this is, but it must of impressed me otherwise I wouldn’t have taken a photo of it.


Looking up towards Monday Cleugh (I don’t name them so don’t blame me) sitting between Harehope hill and Humbleton Hill


Now cutting round the side of Humbleton Hill, again I don’t know why I am walking around the hill because I know that there are some very good easy paths over the top. Maybe my arty leg is playing up!


My route ahead, very easy walking


Looking down at the old mill ponds


Old ruin at Humbleton


Old tree


Looking up at the very well used path coming from the summit of Humbleton Hill , there is a old hill fort up there , I have been up there several times to see it myself


A bit further along


Looking back at my route, I am right on the edge of the Northumberland National park at this point


Last look at Humbleton Hill


SomeHarebell flowers growing in the grass.(thanks Maggie)


After writing this up, I have to admit that I am very curious why I missed it out in the first place and I really think that I should go back and redo this route only this time cutting up to all the summits as well, but I cant help but think why I didn’t pop up to the tops when I was there maybe I couldn’t at the time, may be I was having a shit time with the leg. I know that over the years I have gotten a lot better with my walking ability and sometime each year something goes wrong with either my stump or the arty leg  and I am buggered maybe this was one of those times ………………..but as Arnie would say …I WILL  be back.

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