Well we where off on our Holidays again, this time we where heading up into Scotland for a long weekend with our owners, a place called Belhaven Bay. Sounds good eh!

Me and Bob could hardly sleep the night before with all the excitement of the forthcoming trip, do you think that mick will remember to take our leads and tasty treats asked Bob , yes of course he will I replied with more confidence that I should have . Now letís get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow.

Morning arrived just like it always does and the household was in full panic mode, we did our best to add to the uproar by running about and barking at every thing and anyone, and generally getting in the way ,eventually we all loaded up the car jumped in and off we went, our first stop was to pick up the caravan, we like the caravan because we get to sleep on the big bed with mick and Yvonne  , they put us in our bed to start with but once they settle down we sneak up and snuggle down on the big bed with them , they donít seem to mind as long as we donít fidget to much and donít try to hog the bed.

Me and Bob trying hard not to hog the bed .

Bob playing at being a sausage dog .

Me (Munchy) having a stretch out on the bed.

Anyway we arrived at the camp site  and mick and Yvonne burst into action and where very busy setting everything up , then finally we where allowed out , about time too we both barked , right thatís enough of that said mick , time for a walk I think . and very quickly we where taken out of the campsite down onto the beach  and let off our leads , this is more like it said Bob as we hurtled along the beach , there was big sea gulls to chase water to splash in and we had lots of other dogs to play with , the sands went on for miles as far as we could see  and we spent ages chasing each other along the beach , there was lots of other humans out and about and they made a fuss of us , we like it when we get lots of strokes and cuddles. But best of all was the running and playing and before we knew it we was both puffed out and ready to go back to the camp site, we liked the campsite there was lots of stuff happening lots of different sights and smells and we even had some little girls come up and make us fuss of us and spent ages playing with us.

Mick told us that if we where good we would be going to the John Muir park for a day out the next day, not a problem as we are always good (well mostly good) so with that thought in mind we settled down for the night (on the big bed ) and had a well deserved sleep.

A few photos from today.

Having a sniff around a old washed up tree.

Sniffing around some beachy type grass.

Bob in action.

Me having a run about.

Sometimes its a hard life for a young couple of pups .

To be continued at   JOHN MUIR PARK