DATE                             08.02.12

WEATHER                  Clear blue sky , no wind but -8  

DISTANCE                  About  10 1/2 miles

START / FINISH        roadside parking at the rowhope burn turnoff

This was always going to be a good day, the moment I looked out of the bedroom window and saw that there had been a hard frost and the sky was clear I just knew that I had to get out for the day.

It wasn't till I noticed the outside temp thingy on the car that I realized just how cold it was -5 at Blyth but as I drove into the hills it dropped to -8 finally flickering to -8 1/2 brrr.  Normally I don't feel the cold but I must admit that I was thinking "did I have enough clothing with me - just in case"?  However this walk starts with a long, long, slow climb up towards the Pennine Way so it didn't take long for me to get warmed up and it wasn't long before I stopped and packed my coat away.  The sky was so clear today and the ground was errr!  well frozen solid, no sinking in bogs today.  It was an almost perfect day.

Walking up "the street" I discovered how cold it was when I went to get a drink out of my water bladder, it was frozen solid.  It took some serious warming up before I could get a drink.  Being out of breath, sucking on a bladder tube and getting no where whilst walking up hill really is hard work.

Today I didn't have the hills to myself, I met up and joined in with a section of troops on exercise. After a brief introduction we set off, they where heading in the same direction so it seemed only logical that we travel together.  They informed me that, just before dawn, the temperature hit -91/2 and was bitterly cold.  I didn't envy them sleeping out rough during the night.  Anyway I split from them at the mountain refuge hut but not before I shared lots of cups of tea and coffee with them.  I don't know where their next posting will be (I can guess) but I wish them all the best for a safe deployment and hope that they all return back to the uk safe and sound.

a few photos from todays walk enjoy.

A view of the river Coquet.


Heading up Hindside Knowe looking back down at the car.

Starting to gain a bit of height looking across at the Rowhope Valley.


A bit further along The Street.

Looking towards a very distant Uswayford.

Looking down towards Carshope.

A few more fine views as I head up towards the Pennine Way.

Looking back down The Street.

Looking across toward the distant Windy Gyle (I will be heading in the other  direction today).

Looking back along the Pennine Way.

A section of troops that I met up with coming up from the Scottish side of the border.

Again looking back it really is a good day to be out.

Looking over the Scotish side down and towards the Heatherhope Valley.

Now on the flagged section of the Pennine Way.  It can get very wet and boggy up here but not today.

The mountain Refuge Hut at the base of Lamb Hill.

Some of the local wild Cheviot Goats.

On my way down now, the old ruin of Yearning Hall.

Now following the Blind Burn, last look back towards the ruins.

Still heading down, a couple of troops leading the way.

Still heading down.  Normally this area is very wet and swampy, again not a problem today.

Looking back, the sun has gone now and its starting to get on the cooler side.

Yep it still a bit on the cold side.

Now following the river Coquet which is still frozen in places.

A Heron.

A really good days walking .



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