DATE                                      26.03.13

DISTANCE                            8.3 MILES

WEATHER                           COLD ,WINDY WITH SLEET SHOWERS



Due to the fact that the recent snow fall was still laying around in the hills and showed no signs of clearing up, I was forced to think about another beach walk, normally a bit of snow wouldn’t really force me to go to the beach, but I am still having problems with my stump and any slipping or sliding just kicks it all off again causing me more problems, so rather than risk it I wimped out and decided to head up to the beach at Beadnell Bay.

I have to say that there is nothing wrong with the beach, in fact it’s just as a beach should be, miles upon miles of sandy shore edged rather nicely by miles of sand dunes total unspoilt .

The weather was another thing that put me off the hills , strong winds with scattered sleety showers , which I know would really cause me problems up in the hills ,……………………no at the moment flat walks are the best thing for me , if I keep on reminding myself they don’t seem that bad . So gear was sorted, lots of layers packed just in case and off I went.

I parked up in car park at the links (see map) its pay and display, naturally if you are a proud owner of a blue badge its free …………………..great I like free, however I have noticed that more and more of the free blue badge car parks are slowly removing the free for blue badge holders signs and we are having to pay up just like everyone. (a sad day but it could be argued why should blue badge holders get away Scott free…………….I will leave that for others to argue about).

Gear was sorted, coffee made and drunk and off I went, my plan was to walk along the coastal path up to the Harbour at Beadnell then walk back along the beach till I decided that I had done enough for the day or I started to get stump pains, as it was I had no real problems and ended up at one of the bird hides at Low Newton more to get out of the wind and have a bite to eat than anything before I decided to head back to the car. The weather could have been better freezing cold winds straight off the north sea with the odd sleet shower that stung at it hit exposed parts of my body .

All in all about 8.3 miles, mostly easy walking and as normal a few photos ………enjoy

 Taken at Newton links car park.


My chosen route will follow along the coastal path behind the dunes.


Taken from the foot bridge over the Brunton Burn looking towards the beach and the bird reserve.


Same place just looking in a different direction.


Looking over the other side of the bridge where the Brunton Burn and long Nanny meet up before they flow over the beach into the sea.


My path will lead me behind the dunes into a Caravan site at Beadnell Harbour.


Now on the beach, looking down where I will be walking later but first.


A look around the small Harbour and kiln.


This is the only western facing harbour on the east coast (a bit of useless info for you)


Now back on the beach heading south.


Looking at one of the dunes, I was hoping to show how windy it was here but you can’t really see the grass blowing all over the place.


Looking back at the Harbour and the very grey sea.


A bit further along the beach looking back, it would seem that the cold wind is keeping every one off the beach today.


Ahead, with the tide being so far out it’s possible to see a few rocky patches.


Looking at the sand dunes, it would seem that there have been a bit of erosion going on here as well. I don’t know what’s been going on but it’s the one thing that I have noticed more than anything elts is the amount of erosion that’s happened this year, I have noticed it all along the Northumberland coastline this year.


Looking along the beach, the water flowing from the burn is too deep so I will have to walk along it back to the bridge where I crossed earlier.


Looking across the burn.


Even all the way up here the sea has eroded the dunes.


Now back on the footbridge looking towards the bird reserve, seeing as it’s not nesting time I will wander back to the beach.


This small pile of sand used to be a huge sand dune; I can remember watching some kids try to climb it only a few years ago, I think that it will be gone after the next storm.


My attempt at an “arty” photo looking back to the other side of the burn.


Back on the beach again looking at my route, if I had any problems with my stump I could always cut back to the car at this point.


Looking back.


A couple of photos showing how windy it was, but of course you can’t see the grass blowing all over the place.


Coming to the end of Beadnell bay and it starts to get very rocky time for me to go into the dunes.


Looking back along the beach.


The path, heading towards the “Snook”.


Old fence that is slowly getting more dilapidated each time I wander up this way; at one point there was a gate and stile here as well.


Looking back over a very grey sea.


The rocks at Pern Carr.


Small beach at “Football Hole” time for me to cut back down.


Cutting down onto the small beach, even here there has been a lot of erosion.


Heading towards the rocks again time for me to get back into the dunes.


But first a quick glance back along this small beach.


Heading towards Newton point .


Looking back from the point.


Taken at max zoom looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle.


With the strong winds there seems to be a fair bit of sea foam blowing about.


Eider Ducks making the most of the sheltered waters at Newton Haven.


Taken from the bird hide at low Newton, where I stopped for a bite to eat, it was the only place I could get out of the wind.


Back on the beach at Low Newton and the wind is really starting to pick up.


Looking up towards Newton Point, the wind is that strong it’s even starting to “flatten2 the waves a bit.


I decide to start back towards the car now, the sky is getting dark, and I decide to follow the coastal path rather than retracing my steps along the beach as I might get a bit of shelter from the wind, looking back at the small hamlet of Low Newton.


A quick look over the dunes and I know that I made the right choice as its really blowing once you are exposed.


My route, easy walking but the wind is really cold now and I have to stop to put a warmer layer on, the air is full of small icy partials.


Approaching the car park, I made it just in time as the heavens opened up and blaster the car for ten minutes in freezing icy sleet and rain. If I had been a few minutes later I would have got soaked.

Day after thoughts.

I was a bit sore first thing but after ten minutes of wandering around I soon got sorted, no problems with my stumps or Arty leg, but the sole of my good foot was causing me some grief first thing, I have noticed that this has been getting worse as time moves on, one of the joys of getting older I suppose still I have got a cunning plane to sort that out.

As for the walk itself, even though the wind was freezing cold and did its best to blow me over I really enjoyed me.