DATE                               19.04.07

DISTANCE                     4.8 MILES




There isn’t really that much I can write up about this walk as I didn’t take many notes apart from the camera battery died so I can only say that things went ok or a least I didn’t get trampled by mad cows or get eaten by a shark when I did a bit of paddling .

Anyway I parked up at the car park at Newton links which just happens to be a pay and display car park, but if you are a proud owner of a blue badge its free, why they charge for this car park is beyond me, I mean it’s in the middle of nowhere but hey what do I know it must cost them more to police it than any money they get from it but there you go.

I will presume that gear was sorted and off I went, my route took me along the coastal footpath along Newton links over the footbridge which crosses over three burns the Brunton, Tughall and Long Nanny Burn, from this footbridge it gives some smashing views towards Beadnell bay and the “bird sanctuary” from there I stayed on the footpath along “Swinhoe Links” passing through two Caravan parks , in the past I have had a bit of bother with an  overzealous warden when walking past some of the vans but that seems to have been sorted out and I had no problem today , then onto the car park at Beadnell bay , in the warmer months there is a mobile tuck shop that does coffee , and hot food but today it wasn’t there I think that it’s still too early in the season , there are also toilets here which were locked , but be warned they cost a small fortune to use. From here I cut down onto the beach and headed to the harbour which just happens to be the only west facing harbour on the east coast (a useless fact for you there). At the harbour I sat in the old lime kilns for lunch and it was at this point the batteries died in my camera .it would seem that I hadn’t taken much care in the preparation for this walk, normally I carry a spare along with extra batteries for the GPS and in the winter months spares for my head torch, but today I seemed to have messed up. After lunch I had a wander back this time sticking to the beach all the way back to the car, and that is all I can say about this walk, anyway a few photos (one way only)

Taken right at the start looking towards the dunes


A bit further along , this really is a lovely walk , soft springy grass to walk along …love it !


The wind is starting to pick up a bit now and a few dark clouds seem to be whizzing past


Looking at the small little island near where the burns runs out to sea (this “sand island” is no longer there got washed away years ago)


Looking around the bend towards Beadnell

The top secret golf ball (RAF early warning system?)

Looking at where two of the three burns join together


Taken from the same place looking out as the burn runs out to sea


Looking back at the burn


Same again only other side


Now heading along Swinhoe Links towards Beadnell


Rain heading my way, the wind is picking up as this cloud passes by


A few more of the storm cloud as it passes close by


The lime kilns at the harbour

Looking right down the coastline at Dunstanburgh Castle


My route back


Looking along the beach


The small harbour


Same again


Lime kilns (used to store fishermen’s gear)


My lunch spot


Day after thoughts:

Sadly I didn’t fill my walking log book out for this walk, don’t know why so I am taking it that everything was fine.