DATE                                     26.02.2014

DISTANCE                           ABOUT 5 MILES

WEATHER                           BRIGHT THEN COLD




@ The beach with Kerri & the boys

As my readers  ( all three of you) will know my baby girl finally grew up and moved out (cue trumpets and full brass band playing) but she misses the boys and hasn’t had much chance to spend any time with them so for todays walk  she would be joining us , there was only a couple of small problems involved the first one being that se had hurt her back and so it had to be a easy mostly level route , the other problem for me was she was on day two of not smoking so her mood might not be the best &  naturally I would be paying for any food or tasty treats she informed me , anyway times where agreed and much to my surprise she actually turned up on time , this is something unknown Kerri actually turning up on time . Even the pups seemed surprised. “Bloody hell” Kerri’s on time they all said and ran to the window to see if (A) there was a blue moon & (B) a squadron of pigs flying past.

Gear was thrown into the car , the boys jumped in the back and settled down and off we went , we would be parking up at Newton links car park which is pay and display but if you are a cripple like me and hold a blue badge its free so sometime being a cripple has its advantages . The boys where let out, gear was sorted and off we went, our route would take us along the coastal path which was easy walking mostly along a nice flat grassy path at the back of the dunes, I did have a few concerns one being if there was cattle in the fields, I know that in the past the farmer has put cattle in these fields but we wouldn’t know for certain until we got there, as it turned out I needed have worried the fields where empty of all livestock. the Boy’s  of course loved this walk , there lots of stuff for them to sniff and mooch around at , plus there is loads of rabbit holes and the boys spent ages running from one rabbit hole to another hoping to see and get to chase one , there was a few seagulls flying about which caused Bob to chase after them (he has a thing about chasing birds) but other than that it was very easy walking , we came to the footbridge over the Brunton Burn and I was surprised to see that the sand dune that has stood alone in the middle of the bay has now finally gone , its been getting smaller and smaller each year I have been coming up here but it was still a surprise to see it totally gone , but then again we have had some really big storms and “funny” weather patterns this last winter.

Flynn we discovered doesn’t like walking over this type of bridge and had to be picked up where as Bob and Munchy charged across like normal without a care in the world.

Our path took us right threw the caravan site, and even though its part of the coastal path I thought it would be wise to put the dogs on the lead , they normally wouldn’t be happy with this but I think that they where still feeling the effects of having a big walk the day before see Simonside . As it was we walked through the site without any problems. Then it was down to the beach at Beadnell, naturally I had timed it wrong and the tide was well in, but that didn’t matter there was still enough sand to walk on even at high tide.

Lunch was has sitting in the old lime kiln , this had two advantages it kept us out of the very cold wind which had suddenly sprung up and there are bench seats fitted in there which makes things easer , naturally the boys help me and Kerri eat our dinner before they had there treats .

The weather had turned from bright sunlight to dark grey and windy very quickly, we decided to put the boys into there coats, I’m certain that they don’t like this but it’s for there own good because the last thing I wanted to do is get the boys cold or wet.

Gear was sorted and it was out of the shelter and back down onto the beach, the wind was head on and no matter how many twist or turns we did as we made our way back the wind always seemed to be head on, with the sand being blow along the beach it didn’t make easy going for the pups they must have got there noses sand blasted, then as quickly as the wind started it dropped and what a difference that made.

 Bob met two young female beagle hounds and was very smitten with them both, and disappeared with them, normally I don’t mind as he always disappears up or down the beach saying hello to every one……….. he must be the most sociable hound that ever lived, but this time they where heading the wrong  direction and despite me calling him, he wasn’t having none of it, after two walk backs to retrieve him he still run back to say good buy, I think it must have been love at first sight. There owner though that it was cute, Munchy and Flynn took the piss out of him when he finally returned. Due to the tide being in we had to take the bridge over the Brunton burn, Kerri carried Flynn over to stop any fun and games and I decided to stay on the coastal path rather than cut back down onto the beach again, the wind was starting to get up again and I didn’t want the dog s to be walking straight into all the sand that was being blown into there faces again.

Munchy was starting to feel the distance again but being the super dog that he is kept going back to the car and so ended another good walk, Kerri I am pleased to say managed to go all day without killing anyone, but she was munching that stop smoking gum stuff all day and was playing around with one of those pretend fag things but she has done well.

About 5.0 miles with very little ups or downs

A few photos enjoy

Bob in his usual position in front where as Flynn tends to stay close


Munchy having a sniff at something that well eh! Smells

Our path, there are several all leading to the same place

Taken on the footbridge over the Brunton burn looking out towards the coastline, there used to be a big sand dune on the beach ….it now gone

Yep defiantly no big sand dune

Looking over the other side at what is a very soggy field


Kerri on day two of her no smoking, I think at this point she wanted to kill something or someone, the boys are rushing back saying “don’t do it Kerri”

Looking towards the line kiln at Beadnell


Looking down the coastline towards a very distant Castle


Looking along the beach at Beadnell Bay


Kerri and the boys on the beach


The kilns where we will have our lunch out of the wind


Taken from the kiln, it’s getting very windy and cold very quickly


Looking at the harbour


Back on the beach, we have decided to put the pups in there coats, they are not to happy about that and are having a meeting to decide what to do about it


They decide to play in the dunes


Flynn has found an old tennis ball


Bob doing a high speed stop after running down the dune


Flynn walking away with “his” new ball (he doesn’t share very well with these two.)


Munchy chasing Bob


Looking back towards the Harbour at Beadnell


Bob and Munchy waiting for me and Kerri to catch up


Flynn waiting for his ball to be thrown


Bob and munchy


Looking at where the Brunton burn runs down the beach to join the sea


Looking back at the harbour


Bob and Flynn getting ready to run for the bridge


We found this sheltered spot and decided to have a well earned rest; the pups are showing sign of being tiered from yesterdays walk


Who’s knackered? Do I look knackered?


The view out to sea


Bob looking very proud


Munchy getting ready for some trouble


Looking towards our route through the dunes and grasses


Looking towards the “twitchers” hut

Last look towards a distant Beadnell


Looking towards some seagulls before Bob chased them away.