DATE                               08.05.2010

DISTANCE                       4.62 MILES

WEATHER                       BRIGHT AND SUNNY




This was going to be one of my walks for the “less than abled” in fact I did meet up with a fellow amputee mick (same name as me) and his family and have a day out doing this walk and what a good day it was too anyway nothing came of my grand amputee walking / days out thingy so don’t get to excited about anything but some info about this walk ……….again taken from my notes

 Terrain: - Grass paths & sand one small bit of tarmac

Toilets: - At Beadnell

Pub: - As above

Access for cars: - Newton links car park & Beadnell Car Park only (unless you are totally mad and want to drive along the beach)

 Brief description: - This walk starts at the car park at Newton Links it is a pay and display but if you have a blue badge its free (see there are advantages of having a leg cut off) from the car park it’s a case of following the coastal path signs which take you along a track past some holiday lets and then onto the Newton links path, this track gradually turns into a well drained grass path, which is a joy to walk on believe me, staying on this path you will soon come to a foot bridge cross that and carry on along the path , you are now on the section known as Tughall Mill Links (I am ,at times a mind of useless information).

Staying on this path it will take you into a caravan park site (don’t worry it is an official footpath so you are not trespassing).follow the road out and it will lead you to the car park at Beadnell. This is the only bit of metallic surface you will be walking on today.

 More Info for you .take note!!

This is the only other pick up point for a car if you need it.

There are toilets here (I think you ladies have to pay) but  never actually having been in the ladies myself I can’t say for certain, it could be my wife just conning money out of me.

In the summer months there is sometimes an ice cream van parked up and a snack van.From the car park it’s onto the beach and a short walk up to the harbour & lime kilns.

Another bit of useless info for you this harbour is the only west facing harbour on the east coast.

After you have had a sit down and taking in the views (I won’t spoil it by describing them: - get out there and see it).

The route back is simple walk along the beach till you get back to Newton links; you can’t go wrong because you have dunes on one side and the sea the other.

Take note: - depending on

A) The state of the tide

B) The amount of water coming down the river

You might be able to just walk across the river as it spreads across the beach or if the tides quite high and there is a lot of water coming down the river you will have to walk along the river till you come to the bridge again, however if you do take the bridge make sure you walk back to the beach again.

For the most part the sand is firm & hard making it excellent to walk however along the top of the beach where it is dry & lose it is a lot harder to walk on. Also around the banks of the river it has got a few soft spots you will know them if you hit them.

About 4.62 miles with very little in the ups and downs

Now some photos

Taken just after the holiday lets showing the way


Just approaching the river (more useless info for you this is made up of Long Nanny, Tughall Burn & the Brunton burn)

 Taken just past the foot bridge looking towards what is in fact a bird sanctuary, they do close a small area off during nesting times but it won’t affect the walk. And no I haven’t a clue what birds nest here they all look like seagulls to me. You will have to ask a twitchier they camp out in the nearby beach hut.


The grassy sand dunes


Our party heading towards the caravan site


Don’t be put off by the signs the footpath follows the small road to the entrance on the other side


 Where we join the beach at Beadnell

Lime kilns

Taken from the harbour looking towards a very distant Dunstanburgh castle

My better half with a very rare smile


Looking back at the harbour and lime kilns


A few photos of the sea and shore line as we make our way back


Mick still going strong

A few more beach shots


Now approaching where the river spills over the beach, today we will walk back up to the bridge to cross


My better half having a sit down (what a hack)

Now we have crossed over the bridge and are heading back down to the beach, note the fenced off area


 Looking across to the other side


My better half smiling because we are nearly back at the car.


 Nothing really to add about this walk, I would however like to say if you are going to do it on a hot summers day please take plenty of fluids to drink, the walk back along the beach can take a bit longer than you think and there is no shade. (Alright I know we don’t get hot summers days anymore just wishful thinking)


Enjoy & thanks ………………….Mick