DATE                                  21.01.07

DISTANCE                          2.8 MILES

WEATHER                         BRIGHT BUT COLD


Well it’s been a funny few weeks since we last managed to get out, mainly due to some crappy wet weather and somehow I managed to break my Knee unit again and it’s taken ages to get it repaired , it seem to me that the knee has a design fault as its constantly breaking at the same place , as far as I can tell (and see) things will be working fine then right out of the blue the knee will give out a loud beep and simply dies , I can still walk on it but it’s difficult as it goes into what I believe is safe mode , on closer inspection it’s possible to see a very thin wire has broken , the wire is fitted right where the knee bends so naturally it is bent backwards and forwards zillions of times then just breaks , why they don’t reroute the wire is beyond me , being the smart arse that I am I did mention it to one of the “reps” that come to the limb centre to fix it but sadly it fell on deaf ears ..After all what do I know, but he did inform me that they were aware of the situation and the next generation knee it would be sorted ……that’s great I thought all I have to do is wait till the next model comes out and hope that I get to get one …still no point in moaning about it ……no one like a moaner, anyway getting back on subject which is walking …once again both myself and my better half found ourselves with a free afternoon and fancied just getting out and about someplace , we both agreed it would have to be on the coastline someplace as everywhere was soaking wet , we decided to head up to the coastal town of Beadnell and have a wander from there , in the past we have wandered up to Beadnell and back again so today will be different as we would start from there , In the warmer months there is an ice cream van parked up along with a small hot food  van , that does really tasty bacon sarnies and coffee or if you are like my better half hot chocolate…… she did once ask for wine once ( I kid you not) but apparently the van wasn’t licenced . There are also toilets situated in the car park but its pay and display to park, fortunately I am the proud owner of a blue card so I get to park for free (I knew there was a good side of being a cripple)

Anyway we soon arrived, gear was sorted and off we went straight down onto the beach, due to some serious good luck (no we didn’t check the tide times) the tide was right out and off we went heading down the coast, our plan was to follow the coastline down to where the Brunton burn runs across the beach and into the sea then follow the burn past the bird sanctuary to join up with the coastal path and then head back up to Beadnell.

It all very easy walking especially with the tide being out as the sand tend to be more compressed and easier for me to walk over and of course the return leg runs along a well-used footpath at the back of the dunes so all in all it was a very enjoyable after noon stroll , the bay itself is massive and no matter how hard I try I never seem to capture the sheer size of it on my photos and of course there is a certain spot near the bird reserve where the beach is constantly changing all depending on the tides and the flow of the river and wind  , I love this spot and I always spend a bit of time just sitting down and admiring nature at its best , I could say that this is my favourite place  but I have so many favourite places now days  I couldn’t  just pick one spot , it just goes to show sometimes you need a major life threating event in your life just to make you open up your eyes and just look and see what’s all around you ….yes I feel very lucky to be here today …..And you know something that happy contented feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day.

We wandered about 2.8 miles all easy , I didn’t use my hiking poles at all because of the slow easy pace and the fact I’m still trying to work on core strength.

 A few photos:

Taken on the beach looking towards the lime kilns and the harbour


Looking right across the bay towards a very distant Dunstanburgh Castle

Looking along our route down the beach


My better half well wrapped up against the cold (eh it’s not that cold)


Looking at the dunes, with the strong winds we have been having there are some strange lines cut into them

Looking back towards the lime kilns and we finally leave the crowds behind


Looks like we have got the beach to ourselves now


Who is that good looking person?


Another look back at the Harbour


Now meeting up with the Brunton Burn


Looking out to sea


Looking back


Walking along the burn


The wind has been making lines in the dunes


Looking across to where the bird reserve is


Looking back along the burn


Same again but showing a bit of Beadnell




Err I’m not really certain what Yvonne is doing now ….and I am a bit scared!!


Looking across at the “twitchers” hut


Yvonne doing her posh pose


The sand showing the marks (erosion?) that the wind has made


Same again

The footbridge crossing the burn, this is where we link up with the Coastal path


Looking across the burn, we stopped for lunch at that small dune a few walks ago


Same view just further along


Looking towards the “twitchers” hut


Our path takes us through the gate and onto the coastal path


Yvonne is happy as she knows that we are now heading back … (what a hack!)


Me, having one last look, I really love this area


The fields still showing signs from all the rain we have been having

One last look at the sea before we head back


A very happy Yvonne at Beadnell



Day after thoughts:

As expected I didn’t have any problems with my stump or the leg for that matter , in fact I felt really good and didn’t have no aches or pain the next morning , time to head for the hills for my next walk I think .