DATE                          26.11.06

DISTANCE                 4.7 MILES




This was another walk that we found floating around in cyber space somewhere, and to be honest we was both looking forward to doing it, the only problem was it can get a bit crowded around Bamburgh and Budle Bay during the summer months so we had deliberately left it till the weather had cooled a bit and all the touristy types had buggered off home. So today we would pay this area a visit, we had been told that the bay is something special and well worth the car trip up and so we just had to visit ,

Gear was thrown into the car, and off we went, we had a few wrong turns as we got into Bamburgh but finally found the start point and parked up and to be honest we were both impressed with the views from where parked up, the size and condition of the castle was much bigger than what I expected, yes I did know it was still lived in but the sheer size of it caught me by surprise. Looking down the beach we were greeted by yet another beautiful stretch of beach, sadly not our route for the day, but there is a good days walking to had heading south...Something for another day.

Our route for today would be heading north up the coastline towards Budle Bay , our route would see us starting (see map) from the small car park just north of the castle following the small road up to the Golf course (I think that it’s known as Wynding ) which is part of the coastal path , we would pass Harkness rock with its stag rock something we had never seen before , past the lighthouse , then onto the golf course , I must admit that walking along the golf course seemed a bit strange but the path was well signposted with a few notice boards warning both walkers and golfer to check the area and by looking at the path it seemed well used  so my fear was unfounded . Then as we made our way along the golf course we got our first sights of the Bay, it’s huge and to be honest with you even on a cold dull grey day it’s beautiful and when the sky’s cleared and the sun came out its just wow (you just have to go and see it for yourself ) I can see why it’s such a popular place in the warmer month and the size of the place it’s huge , staying on the path we skirted Kitten Hill then headed Budle point and black rock , passing an old ww2 pill box and a not so old pier from there we headed down towards Heather cottages and kiln point where  left the foot path , we had decided that we would walk back along the beach if the tides permitted , there isn’t much I can say about the walk back the beaches stretch for what seems like miles and miles of lovley golden sands , I thought that some of the other beaches up in Northumberland where big but they are tiny compared to this bay , on the way back we had to climb off the beach at one point and get back onto the coastal path but that was purely down to our bad planning with the tides.

We only walked about  4.7 miles but they were very enjoyable and I know that we will be returning back this way in the future ……….as normal a few photos from today

Taken from the car looking towards the lighthouse, with Holy island in the background


Looking back towards Bamburgh castle


On the Golf course looking back (and the sun gets out)

Looking down towards the beach


Looking back along the coastal path


On the golf course looking towards the clouds rolling over the Cheviot Hills

Taken at max zoom

Again on max zoom looking towards the farn islands


Looking along the coast towards the village on Holy Island (on max zoom)


Same place but a “normal photo”


Yvonne sitting on one of the greens that are dotted along the footpath


Time to head down


A few photos of Budle bay (the photos don’t capture the size of this bay)


Old pier (I think it was for coal loading many many years ago)


Looking across towards Holy Island


Guile point  with its navigation aids


Looking across the bay


A few more of the bay


Part of the jetty


Now heading onto the beach


Shadow monsters


Heading back now, looking back


A few more photos as we make our way back


Shag or cormorant


Oyster catcher


Time to leave the beach (looking back)


The golf club house

Up close

The castle


Stag rock


Beach huts? In front of the car park


Another view of Bamburgh


It’s getting late time to go home!

Day after thoughts:

No problems with Arty leg today but then it was a lovley easy walk and one that I know that we will return to time and time again , it’s a lovley area and I know I have said this about other beach areas but this must be Northumberland coastline at its best