A visit to the Pond

A visit to the Pond

Today we was both woken up early by Flynn who was staying with us for a few days &  being that bit older than us doesn’t need so much sleep so it was a case of I’m up you two can get up so  after a bit of shouting/barking  we managed to wake the rest of the household up and they let us out to play in the garden whilst they had breakfast , myself I like a drink out of the pond first thing in the morning , it’s so much better than the bowl of water Yvonne puts down for us each day . There were a few fat birds in the garden that we run at barking and they flew off, I was hoping that the cat was in the garden as well so we could chase that, but Munchy and Flynn had already checked and reported back that there was no sign of it.

 Mick came out to feed the fish, and we all made a fuss of him, he was eating toast with marmite, he always saves us a titbit which is always very tasty and informed us that he was taking us for a long walk as soon as he got sorted, great we love walks, but we heard him talking to Yvonne about how hot it was going to get and was a bit concerned that it might get too hot for us. Yvonne suggested that he takes us someplace where there is a bit of shade where we could sit down and rest if we needed to, someplace where there were some trees. Sometimes she is very clever.

So that was it mick packed his rucksack with food and drink for us all , we noted that he also packed a bag of tasty treats ………………………….we all like tasty treats. And we all charged out of the garden and into the car. Naturally we all dropped off to sleep as soon as the car started moving and it didn’t seem like five minutes had passed before mick was waking us up and letting us out.

As normal mick had us on our leads as we walked away from where the car was parked , but within two minutes we were on the biggest grass field that we had ever seen , he let us off and told us to go play , well we didn’t need telling twice and off we went , Flynn was very fast and me and Munchy couldn’t keep up with him , but he turned around and allowed both Munchy and me to jump on him and for the next half hour we spent running and fighting , it was great fun,

Mick called us to a nice shady spot and made us rest for a bit and poured out a nice bowl of water so we could have a drink, it was very nice and I must admit I was starting to get thirsty. He also then pointed out a field with horses and Cattle in; he wouldn’t let us go into the field but took us so we could see. We all agreed that they were much bigger than Sheep and decided that we wouldn’t go near them , Flynn told us that the horses can run faster than what he can ………………..they must be very fast if that’s true.

We met up with some other dogs and had a play with them but it was really starting to get too hot to play for long and so we all sat down under the trees, we told them about the cattle and horses in the field and the old dog told us that we must never go into a field without our masters or the cattle would trample us we said that we wouldn’t. We said our good buys and let mick lead us off along a path that took us towards a pond, we like ponds, they are tasty to drink from and we might have a paddle.

This wasn’t to be, there was people fishing in the pond so we had to go back on our leads and mick asked us to be quite, so we were, it was a lovely pond, nice and cool we had a big drink out of it and sat down in the shade whilst mick talked to the fisherman , then it was time for more walking this time off the lead and into the trees , we loved running around so many different smells and so many places to hide and jump out on each other , mick sat down and got our food and drink ready whilst we played , after a while we went and sat next to mick and had our dinner then as it was such a hot day we had a nap. We woke up sometime later and it was time to start heading back , as we left the trees we realised how hot it was , Munchy was struggling so mick picked him up and carried him for a while , me and Flynn scouted out in front just in case there was any cattle about .

We went straight back to the car and mick put the cold air on I think its call air conditioning this was very nice and soon we was all having a well-deserved nap again.

Yet another brilliant walk with lots of stuff learnt.

As mick remembered to bring his camera we even have a few photos.

The start of the grass field it goes on as far as we could see.


The pond, there was a stupid bird that we wanted to bark at but mick wouldn’t let us.


We all agreed that it was very nice and would like to come back when we are bigger so we might have a paddle in it.


We could have a drink from here; mick said it was ok as long as we were quite.


A few more photos.

Look at the stupid bird, Flynn said it was a moorhen I bet it would be fun to chase it.

 Time to play in the long grass.


It’s very hot out here today.


Time for a drink I think.


Flynn and Munchy running.


Me (bob)


Munchy looking for something.


Still looking for something.


Now about to cross the big playing field.


Time to get into the cool shade and have a rest for a while.


A few photos while we take it easy.

Flynn checking that Mick is ok.


A few more photos as we make our way back to the car.



Yet another fantastic day .