A bit of every thing mainly rants and moans and my golden rules


Golden Rule : - no matter how bad your days going do not moan or whine to anyone about it. No one likes a moaner or whiner and they can’t do bugger all about it anyway.

Golden Rule : - if the arty leg is causing you some grief when you are out and about. stop take it off and redon it , it doesn’t matter what the people around you think , my comfort comes first , if they don’t like it , don’t look simple.

Golden Rule : - always have clean underwear on incase you have an accident so my mum always used to say ………………well when laying in the road bleeding allover the place, having clean underwear on really didn’t help and was the last thing that entered my head. However if you are going to go around dropping you trousers to sort out your arty leg I suppose it might help.

Golden rule: - when out hiking always have your walking poles with you even if it’s a nice easy route.

Golden rule :-When ever I go walking I always put a small wipe of Hydromul ointment / cream just below and above the top of the seal in liner, this stops any friction burns and helps prevent nipping.

Golden rule:- Always have the correct size allen key handy at all times , you never know when you need it.

Question:- Ok why is it that when I am sitting in the wheel chair , people always ask who ever is pushing me how I am ? ……………Hello I have a voice why not ask me. Then why do you all bend down and then speak ever so         s . l .o. w .l .y         at me?  Do I look like I have turned stupid over night?

Question: - Why is it that after 7 years it still feels strange when I put the leg on first thing in the morning? Do you ever get use to it?

Question:- why is it you just get on right , then you have to take it off.

RANT:-I don’t get benefits so don’t moan about me going up mountains and giving the rest of the Amputee community a bad name. I don’t moan about you sitting on your arse all day watching day time TV. If you have lost your benefit take it up with the government, not me. Perhaps if there were more people like me not claiming benefits they wouldn’t be stopping yours to save a few £.

RANT:- I show my arty limb off because I wear shorts , nothing more nothing less I am not making a statement about anything so stop telling me that I am .


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