DATE                                       10.01.13

DISTANCE                              ABOUT 6 1/2 MILES

WEATHER                              GREY WET AND DULL



It seemed like ages since I had managed to put my boots on and get out for a decent walk someplace what with work and the Christmas / New Year I had hardly had time to do anything, but today I was going to get out no matter what.

The weather forecast promised me that it would start to turn cold with possible snow on the higher hills , and even the weather apps on my I pad agreed with this forecast  so that was it , gear was sorted out ready for an early start.

I had planned to return to someplace in the Cheviots, mainly due to the amount of daylight hours that are currently available and for the fact that I am still having problems with my walking which is really causing me to walk slow, I mean I walk slow at the best of times but at the moment even the laziest slowest tortoise would beat me up a hill and back down if it came to that.

But for the first time ever I had finally managed to sort out my music on my I pod and had it loaded with music that I wanted on not what it thought I should have on. (its taken me years to finally suss out I tunes ) easy for the young but not so easy for us old dinosaurs’ but I have to say I was very pleased with myself for finding that tick box that gave me control of what music was transferred for the computer to my I pod .

Now where to go, I wanted to do a few hills if possible but nothing to steep or hard as to say that I have piled the weight on is an understatement, I think that I have gone from a fat porker to a very obese porker in the last few weeks, time to start cutting back on all the sweet treats and watching what I eat, I need to lose some weight, why not start on a get fit / lose weight thingy..Starting today ……………….There that was easy wasn’t it.

Waking up in the morning and putting my nose to the bedroom window, told me the weather forecast was wrong (again) grey wet low cloud, still I was getting out no matter what, gear was thrown in the car and off I went, I was hoping that as I drove up to the hills the weather would change or at least brighten up. Sadly that wasn’t the case.

Driving up to the start point at Barrowburn I couldn’t help but notice that the fell tops where covered in that grey dull cloud, so that was the border ridges out, I know from my other walks up here that visibility would be next to nothing up there and the fells aren’t high enough to get above the clouds so there wouldn’t be any chance of an inversion. So it would be a low level (ish) walk for today , I quickly decided on a route , one that I have done many times that offers a bit of every thing so I wasn’t really bothered and who knows …………..May be the weather would change during the day and I can change my route.

The route (see map) was about 6 ½ miles with about 1300 feet of ups and downs , not to bad for my first walk this year , I wanted to do more but with the weather closing in it just wasn’t worth it , as it was I just got back to the car and had coffee before the heavens opened up.

Anyway a few photos as normal.

Taken from the car park at Barrowburn looking towards the deer hut.


Taken from the farm (which has a tea room) looking towards Lounges Knowe.


My route for today would take me along the Hepden burn and up along the side of Lounges Knowe towards Kidland forest.


Just about to leave the Hepden Burn and start going up hill.


Nearly at the top looking back down the valley , the clag doing its best to ruin the view , in fact the weather was like this most of the day , low clouds coming in , doing there best to soak me then fading away.


Looking over the other side of the hill towards Usway Burn.


Last look back before I enter the forest.


Heading down towards Fairhaugh.


A few shots of the Usway burn, not much water flowing considering all the wet weather that we have been having.


Just left the forest and on the side of Yarnspath Law (still grey and misty)


A bit further along, no the clag is going to ruin all the views today.


Looking back towards the forest and the well hidden hills behind it.


My path heading down, easy but very wet grass.


Usway burn and one of the locals.


A few photos as I make my way along the burn.


Up onto the Middle, looking back.


A bit further along looking back towards the Middle.


Now back at the Hepden burn.


I decide to head back now, the weather isn’t at its best and the views can’t really be seen, a few photos as I make my way back in between breaks in the clag.


Now on Barrow law heading down to the farm at Barrowburn.


Looking across towards a misty Shill hope law.


Last look back before I get to the car park.


Coffee and gear sorted just before the heavens open up, me and arty having a pose.


Day after thoughts.

Had a few aches and pains in the morning but nothing to get excited about. Photos didn’t turn out too bad considering the lousy weather. Walking wise I am still not right and things in the stump aren’t painful until I start putting pressure on it at a certain angle. (I know what I mean even if you don’t) I think that I need to start retraining myself using different techniques for going up and down hills again ……………….o joy I am so happy to relearn all this again just what I want.

Thanks ……………Mick