DATE                                       22.01.13

DISTANCE                              ABOUT 5.8 MILES

WEATHER                              GREY,WITH  SNOW , SLEET AND RAIN SHOWERS

START / FINISH                     MY HOUSE

A very local walk

Today was a first for me, the weather had been rotten with snow, ice, then sleet and rain, not a problem for me or wasnít really bad where I live, but the smaller B roads they were in a hell of a state, which meant that I couldnít get out into the hills, normally itís my lack of leg that causes the problems but that wasnít the case today. Rather than just popping down to the local beach I thought that I would have a small wander along some of the footpaths that surround the area in which I live, that way I didnít have to get the car out.

The weather today was rotten, strong gusty wind which carried with it snow, then sleet, then quickly changing to rain, you know the type ÖÖÖÖ.the sort that seems to get everywhere and soaks you. Normally it doesnít really bother me as I have got some good waterproof gear, but I think that I must be coming down with something as I felt the cold today, which is rather strange as anyone who knows me will tell you that I never feel the cold, who knows maybe it another step to getting back to normal or then again perhaps I am going to get a common cold who knows.

Any way I set of from my house and after a few steps stopped and put on my micro spikes, the paths on the estate where like skating rings, suddenly walking wasnít a problem on the ice, these spikes are good very good. The only problem was that I had to take them off again when I called in my local sarnie shop for my roast beef and salad sarnie (think salad think healthy well thatís what they say).

Anyway after a quick chat off I went, you can see the route that I did by looking at the map, it has got a lot of possibilities to extend it taking in some of the features that this area has to offer, IE rivers / burns /ponds and even the coastline but due to the weather I didnít go far today.

With all the snow melting and the wet weather the ground was saturated and all the farmersí fields where either flooded or saturated to such an extent that work on them would be impossible ÖÖÖÖ..they are going to take some serious drying out.

Any way a few photos that I took on my way round (before my camera got wet and threw a wobbly) nothing special.

One of the views after I left the sarnie shop.


Looking towards the golf course (nothing happing today)


The track, this used to be very badly worn but has been repaired for access to the wind turbine.


However I soon leave the track and join this path, I believe it used to be an old rail line that serviced an old coal mine (closed down long time ago)


Looking out across the fields.

One of the many flooded sections, I am pleased that the old track is raised otherwise it would be a case of getting wet feet.


My route, you can see by the way the trees have grown leaning across how windy it is up here.


A few shots of the forest section.


 Coming out into the open again.


Looking across towards the coast it looks like another shower heading my way.


Yep, itís heading my way, what is going to be? Rain, sleet or snow?


Back in the shelter of the trees again.


Ugh rain.


Looking at the sky it looks like itís in for the day.


A few more photos as I make my way along .

The old rail line goes straight on (thatís for another day) I am going to take the track.

Looking back.

A couple of photos. Of what itís like .

My route.

Old tipper truck or whatever they are called from a long forgotten mine that used to be worked here.

One of the locals .


My route.


Yes itís a bit on the wet side.

My path, as you can see water is running along it.

Back on snow again.

Old pond.

Day after thoughts

No aches or pains but then it was on the flat , I think that I should have a mooch around these paths as they are right on my doorstep , maybe when I have a spare couple of hours or so .

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