DATE                                     20.01.11

DISTANCE                            6.25 MILES

WEATHER                            COLD BUT BRIGHT AND SUNNY



A cold frosty walk from Barrowburn


I have done walks from this location several times but each time it still is an almost magical experience for me, just knowing that by taking a different footpath or following a different quad bike trail I will go off on a completely different direction changing the whole ďfeelĒ of the walk from a nice short easy walk to a rather longer one with much bigger hills to deal with, or even following the burn through the forest so I can tailor the walk to suit my needs at the time ,  each walk starting from the farm at Barrowburn can be changed so easily. And it goes without saying at the end of each walk there is a nice warm welcome at the tea rooms, where a very tasty selection of ďgoodiesĒ will be waiting for you.

When I did this walk, I was greeted by a clear blue sky but about -3 according to the temp gauge on the car, the day warmed up a bit but I donít think that it got above freezing at any time, by the time I had finished the walk and had an extended stopover in the tea room it was pitch black outside and had dropped to -7 which caused a bit of concern about what would the state of the road be like , there is a bit of a steep hill to get over , and I had my car which was a rear wheel drive which is worse than useless in the ice and snow. As it was I neednít have worried as the road out was dry and provided good grip.

A few photos:-

First photo looking down a frosty Coquet.


Looking up the valley towards the farm at Barrowburn.


Crossing over the Hepden burn at Barrowburn.


Looking behind.


Looking back towards Barrowburn.


 Walking alongside the Hepden burn just about to start the uphill plod up Kyloe shin.


Half way up looking back.


Nearly at the top, stopped here for coffee, the air was really invigorating and the views are something that I will never get used to.


Looking across to Hosden Law, I will be heading up that way soon.


Cutting down to the bridge at Fairhaugh where I will cross the Usway Burn.

On my way up the forest track (the bank) looking back.


Still some snow / ice lying about, however it was frozen solid, didnít even leave any footprints in it.


Leaving the forest now, again this is another view that I can never get tired of.


Miles and miles of rolling hill , I take a great pleasure in the fact that six years after my accident I can say that I have explored all of the hills and valleys in this range , there are no great summits here but I feel safe and at home in this area it a very special place for me . itís one of the areas where I learnt to walk again and with each summit reached I feel as if I got a bit of myself respect back again , itís a place where I come to be healed .


Small waterfall on the Usway burn.


Looking back down the burn.


Looking up the valley of the Usway burn, one thing that always amazes me is how the colours are constantly changing with not only the seasons but with the weather as well, from warm and inviting on a sunny day to almost threaten on a cold dark cloudy day.

Heading towards Barrow law.


Some general photos as I walk back, I cannot put into words the sense of peace and tranquillity that these hills produce (if that makes sense).


 Starting to head down now.


Getting closer to Barrowburn and the tea rooms , even though I havenít seen a soul out today there is bound to be some other walkers there , itís always a good place to exchange routes and gain some local knowledge on conditions in other parts of the park .


Looking across at the lower sloped of Shillhope law, just as the sun starting to go down.


Some sheep that came to meet me as I walked back to the car.


Thank you.