Because Mick is far too busy doing other stuff we Munchy and I (Bob) have decided to write up our own adventures, we spun a coin and I lost the toss so it’s my turn to start the ball rolling.

As you might know our friend mick has buggered his Arty leg up and cant walk very far, which is a shame for him but really good for us as it means he can spend more time teaching us stuff , today for instance we all got to spend the day at the beach , mick has taken us to his local beach loads of times  but today he was taken us to a new beach , just to make things even better he had managed to get our adoptive big brother “Flynn” to join us for the day , we love having Flynn along with us he is so smart and fast , he is always showing us what to do and keeping us out of trouble , we  wish we could have Flynn move in with us.

Anyway we knew we where in for a good day as he had packed some extra food and water for us all , and Kerri who sometimes looks after us was coming along as well, Kerri is micks daughter , she is ok but she smokes a lot and smells yucky , her bedroom is great for exploring as there is so much junk laying around we can mooch around and find stuff to chew on and no one even knows that we have been there , Mick calls her room a tip and refuses to go in there , he doesn’t know what fun he is missing rummaging around in her clutter.

Anyway the trip, we all jumped into the car and off we went, it didn’t take long, or I didn’t think that it did because I had a snooze, we puppies always have the odd snooze when we can, and exploring is fun but very tiring so we always grab the odd five minutes when we can. Anyway the car stopped and before we where let out they put our leads on, Flynn told us this is because they don’t want us to run away so we have to teach mick that we wont then he wont bother with the lead any more …………….Flynn is very smart.

Walking through the big sand dunes towards the beach was fun, so many new sights and smells, then when we where away from the car Mick let us off the leads, we all run from one smell to another, Flynn told us not to go to far and keep running back to Mick and Kerri just to keep an eye on them, and also told us if they called us we must run straight back to them and we would get a tasty treat he is so smart at times.

After a while they stopped and put a rug down on the sand and set up for the day, they had picked great spot, lots of stuff to see and smell and we had the beach all to ourselves.

We had races , Flynn won of course but sometimes he let us get a good head start before he raced us, we dug holes in the sand, mick taught us to play fetch with a wood stick and ball. Then as we had behaved ourselves he let us walk up the big sand dunes on our own and race down we had great fun.

Mick and Kerri put our water and food on a blanket so we could eat and drink when ever we wanted , we even had a little nap , we saw and chased a huge bird which Flynn informed us was a sea gull , that was good fun barking and chasing it down the beach , then finally mick took us for a walk along the beach where we went for a paddle in the sea , great fun I thought , but Munchy was a bit of a wuss , he is so small he got soaked going through one big puddle , but after a run around he soon forgot about getting wet and was his normal self.

Mick remembered to bring his camera along and got a few photos from today ………...enjoy.

Bob and Munchy running around on the beach.


Flynn giving us a head start.


Having a sniff around.




Me (bob) doing some fancy footwork.


Giving Mick a quick look to see if he is alright. (Its was my turn to check up on him today)


Looking out to sea.


Having a mooch around, and you can see Kerri, she is a bit of a hack at times.


Getting ready for another race.


And we are off.


Flynn got to the ball first again; sometimes he lets us get it first.


Because we have been so good we are allowed to go exploring in the sand dunes, Flynn leading the way up, it was very steep.


Me and Flynn leading the way.


Flynn went on to check things where ok whilst I waited for munchy to catch up.


Let’s run back down.


And from the other side.


Look at Flynn he is so fast.


Hi Flynn you are so fast.


Looking down the beach, we had it all to ourselves.


Time for a sniff and dig.


And let’s race again.


We had a great day out at the beach and taught Mick such a lot, I think that he might turn out to be ok, he is a good caring person I am certain that we can train him pretty quickly. I can’t remember the drive back as we all fell asleep and didn’t wake up till tea time; Yvonne had made us a nice special tasty treat for tea. After tea we went into the garden, we barked at the cat who lives in this street who run away very quickly had a drink from the fish pond (which always tastes much nicer than water from the water bowl) and then it was time to settle down with our adoptive family for snuggles on the settee till it was bed time. Flynn was allowed to spend the night with us so that made a good day really great.