DATE                                        21.05.2014

DISTANCE                              WE DONT KNOW OR CARE

WEATHER                              BRIGHT SUNNY  & HOT



A cool afternoon

Hi it’s Bob and I have just been informed that it’s my turn to write up about our last adventure.

It was a hot day, I was laying in the shade in the back garden, thinking would I get yelled at if I jumped into the fish pond and had a swim around, I have been in the pond a few time mainly when we are playing around, but I have never jumped in just for a swim, if I did I wonder what the fish would do ?, would they swim with me or scatter to the bottom , one day I will jump in and  find out , the other thing I was thinking about was the little paddling pool that mick put out for us last year , that was nice and cooling , pre haps I should mention it to mick , I mean it wouldn’t take him long to sort it out and it was good to drink out of after the water had been in there a while , it tasted so much better than the clean water that’s in our bowl , yep next time I see Mick I will let him know its about time he got it sorted .

Munchy and Flynn where lying in another shady spot, I called across to them “what’s Mick doing any one know?” I think he has just finished the painting so he should be out soon replied Flynn who always seems to know what’s happening. Then right on queue Mick walked out. Phew it’s hot he said, yeah tell us something we don’t know I replied , How about a nice walk along a shady river bank where you can jump in and play in the water suggested Mick , yeah  we all barked back now your talking , right then lets go …………..charge we all yelled and run out to the car , phew its even hotter in here “Mick switch on the cold air thingy “ I yelled , ok Bob wait a minute it will soon cool down , sure enough the car started to cool down  quickly , that’s better I told Mick .

After ten minutes the car stopped and Mick let us out, Mick was about to go into his normal “lets be good “talk mode but it was just too hot and instead he simple said lets go, we needed no more encouragement and went bounding off down towards the river, one mighty bound and a big splash later I was in the nice cool water …..Boy is this good I said to Munchy who had jumped in with me, even Flynn was paddling and he normally hates getting wet. We where back on the river Blyth, we have been here several times and always have fun.

Mick sat in the shade on the river bank for a while, I think that he was hot as well keeping a close eye on us , we had great fun splashing around, chasing Flynn trying to get him really soaking wet , right then mick shouted lets have a wander upstream for a bit , charge we all yelled and went running along the river side path , we felt nice and cool after our paddle , the path followed the river Blyth upstream taking us into the trees that provided lots of shade , this is much better I told Mick and while I have got your attention can you get the small paddling pool back out and fill it with water when we get back home  , yes no problem Bob I should have though of that myself.

Our path took us along the river up towards the weir or dam , we stopped several times and played in the water , likewise we often run off into the trees and played hide and seek , there was a section that was full of wild garlic and that smelt  yucky so we ran as fast as we could past it, we met  a few other people out with there dogs and said hello and even had a play with some of them , mick as normal took a few photos , then it was time for one last splash in the river before it was time to head back , Mick wanted to try a different way back just to see if he could link up different paths , he is always try out different routes with us , we don’t mind which way we go as we always have fun .

Our path took us into a nice grassy field, where we stopped for a small tasty snack and drink before we played chase in the long grass, we had great fun and where getting very tiered by the time we got back to the car, once settled Mick put the cool air thingy on and drove us home. Yet another good walk and as normal a few photos, we hope that you like looking at them as much as we did taking them.


Looking at what used to be the old bandstand at Bedlington Country Park

Looking down at the river Blyth, still a bit murky due to the rain they had up the hills earlier this week


Me & Munchy mooching around


Paddling and getting a drink


Looking downstream (it’s nice and cool here)


Yuck wild garlic, we raced past this (it’s very stinky)


Another play area where we cooled down and paddled


Come on Mick keep up will you


More stinky stuff

We ran up there and mooched around


Acornbank woods, we played chase here


River Blyth, it’s quite deep here


Above the weir


The funny shaped weir


Looking at the salmon run bit


Mick trying smoky water shot


The rock face on the other bank


Munchy having a look at the salmon run


Munchy running down to see Mick and let him know that he didn’t see any fish jumping


A clearer photo of the fish run, sadly Munchy was right …….no fish jumping up


The weir

Looking downstream


Drink and paddle time again (best to stay cool)


The remains of the winters flood damage, some washed down trees


Exploring the river bank


Heading up now looking back down at our path


Now entering a lovley grassy field


Stopping for a sniff


Bob and munchy sniffing around


Flynn waiting for Mick


Munchy having a mooch around


Me (Bob) having a sniff around


Munchy looking knackered


Thanks for reading & hope you have a good day.xx

Ps Mick has set the paddling pool up in the garden now so we can cool off anytime we want.

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