DATE                                           21.01.11

DISTANCE                                 4 MILES

WEATHER                                  COLD BUT BRIGHT

START / FINISH                         CAR PARK AT BAMBURGH

A cold day a Budle bay

This  is another area that I try to get back to twice a year , once in the summer and again in the colder winter months , the beach at Budle bay is something that Northumberland  can be very proud off ÖÖ.its stunning , and takes very little effort to get to , which unfortunately makes it very popular in the summer months when you get the touristy types and the day trippers coming to have a look at the nearby Castle then having a walk along the coastle path to the bay , like wise when permitted there are a lot of wind surfers using thje bay to ďplay around inĒ so in the summer months it can get quite busy but as I have said its still a lovley walk and a good place to stop for a picnic lunch , However in the colder months you will be lucky to see a single person and can have miles and miles of sandy beaches all to yourself , being a miserable old git I prefer to have it all to myself and hopefully thatís how it will be today.

The day started off brilliantly when I put my nose to the window and was greeted by an almost cloudless blue sky, with a white frosty coating on everything on the ground .Arty wasted no time in letting me know that he wanted to get out for the day and politely informed me that I could do with a bit of fresh air and exercise to shift some of the excess weight that I am carrying around. So that was it gear was thrown into the car and off we went.

Parking at this time of the year isnít a problem and just past Bamburgh castle ton the way to the golf course there are several small car parks that overlook the beach.

Once parked up, gear was sorted coffee made and drunk and off I went, my route would take me along the coastal path, along the side of the golf course, down into Budle bay, where I would mooch around for a bit then if all went well I would walk back along the beach, naturally I didnít bother checking the tides and was forced off a small section of the beach on the way back.

Weather wise it was a brilliant but extremely cold day (just how I like it) and the best part of it all was I didnít see a single person till I got back at the car.

As normal a few photos.

Taken from the small car park looking towards the Castle and beach.


One of the old beach huts.


The lighthouse at Blackrock point.


Stag rock on Harkess rocks.


Taken from the edge of the golf course looking towards the bay.

A few more photos as I make my away along the coastal path.


Taken at max zoom looking towards Lindisfarne castle on Holy Island.

Looking down at the bay, not a person to be seen.

Looking across towards the distant hills, Cheviot and Hedgehope can be seen with a dusting of snow on them.


Cutting down through the dunes into the bay itself.


A few photos looking around the bay.


Not really sure what this used to be .or might be.


A couple more photos as I cut down to the beach.


Birds in flight, no I havenít got a clue what type.


A couple of photos taken on the beach, what these donít show are just how big this bay is when the tide is out.


Lime kiln at Kiln point (good name eh?)


Close up inside.


Heading back to the bay.


Now on the beach heading back, the sand in places is very soft and make for hard going if you have an artificial leg. Arty of course thinks its great training.


As luck the tide is starting to come in now, its suppressing how quickly this large bay starts to fill up. A few photos.


Last look across at Holy island.


Now walking back along the beach back towards the car.


Looking at where the water has frozen on the rocks.


Looks like the sea is about to cut me off, not a problem here as itís easy to cut up onto the path in the dunes.


But first I have to get across this ice, it was very slippery.


Now on the path, I can cut back down onto the beach in the next bay.


A few more photos of the icy shoreline as I make my way along.


Bamburgh Castle.


A few more photos because itís such a nice day.


 Last one of the castle before I cut up back to the car park.


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