DATE                                         05.11.14

DISTANCE                                3.8 MILES (WE DID LOTS MORE )

WEATHER                                COLD AND WINDY THEN BRIGHT LATER ON

START / FINISH                       CAR PARK AT DRURIDGE



Hello everyone it’s Munchy again & you’ve guessed it it’s my time to write up about our latest day out , Mick (the wuss) was having problems with his knee , but being the super hero that he is decided as long as we take it easy things should be fine , in fact he had had us out for two long(ish) walks the last couple of days but yesterday he hurt his knee again , he assured us before bed that he would be fine in the morning but I was a bit concerned , so I decided to get up extra early and have a check on him whilst he was asleep in bed , unlike Bob who jumped on him and work him up I just ever so quietly jumped up onto the foot of the bed and snuggled down straight away , the way I figured things was if he was asleep why wake him , and I would curl up next to him that way I could keep an eye on him ……..and it was very warm and snuggly , next thing I knew was the alarm going off what a bloody racket ……no wonder Yvonne is such a grump in the morning , I nearly shit myself when it went off , Mick of course just smiled and said made  you jump didn’t it?

How are you feeling? Not too bad replied Mick, I will feel better with a cup of coffee, right I said, Yvonne you hack! Quickly run down stairs and make Mick a nice cup of coffee I barked, WHAT? replied Yvonne with a bit of attitude in her voice , MAKE .MICK .COFFEE .NOW I barked back ……sometimes she can be a bit slow , but off she went muttering threats under her breath , AND DON’T TAKE TOO LONG  I barked as she went downstairs . don’t get me wrong we all love Yvonne to bits but she can be a bit slow first thing in the morning so a bit of encouragement helps her get started and once she is moving she is normally ok .

After five minutes Yvonne walked back in with a cup of coffee for Mick, he of course thanked her, she of course gave me a filthy look, Err thanks Yvonne I barked and gave her my cuties puppy dog look and rolled onto my back so she could tickly my tummy (it works every time with her) and everything was back to being good, Mick had his coffee, I was forgiven and Yvonne had a smile on her face.

Well Mick I asked after he had taken a few mouthful’s how do you feel? Ok was all Mick said, Great I will go tell Bob and Flynn that’s it’s on for today...And off I bounded downstairs to let Bob and Flynn know the good news.

And so after breakfast , gear was sorted and thrown into the car , Mick said the words we were waiting to hear , ok let’s go , well we didn’t need telling twice and run flat out and jumped into the car.

We were going to start our walk, more or less from where we got to yesterday, only this time we would be walking in the sand dunes, then along the beach then if all went well back along a nice path back to the car.

Mick parked the car up in one of the small car parks at Druridge, the last time we were here it was free if you are a blue badge owner, it seemed that they had fitted new ticket machines and everyone has to pay now, let me tell you mick wasn’t impressed and politely told anyone around (not that there was anyone) that there is no way that he was going to pay and he didn’t , and swore blind that he was going to write a letter to someone , it’s like he said there is more than enough off road parking and free car parks just down the road so they can shove it .

Anyway after Mick’s little rant we all jumped out and off we went , our route for today was to head up the coastline to hadson then cut down onto the beach and head back , all was going well till we got to Hadson then we discovered that the tide was right in so it was a case of heading back along the top of the dunes , we of course didn’t mind as we can run and play anywhere , there was a few places where we could jump down onto the beach and run along before the next wave came crashing in then we would quickly run up the dunes again . The sea was very rough and the wind was quite strong but once we got into the sand dunes that didn’t matter, then we got to where there was a huge section of beach exposed, it was covered in sea gulls, we had great fun running and chasing them, then we headed back to the coastal path and headed back along the footpath back to the car, mick walked about 3.8 miles we did treble that easily, a few photos enjoy:-


Heading up the coast looking out to sea


A quick trip down to the beach before the waves come in


Looking at the old tank traps


Munchy up on the dunes as a wave comes in


Me (Bob) waiting for everyone


Our route walking along the dune tops


Looking out at the waves


Me waiting on the side of a big dune


Munchy and Flynn having a mooch around


Looking towards lynemouth power station and the rain


Looking down as the sea comes in again

Thinking about cutting down on the beach at this point


Err better not


Wow looking back up the coast and it blue sky “what’s going on”


Still it’s starting to brighten up now


A bit further along, there is a section of sand to play on


Looking back the sun is coming out


Let’s run and play in here


Mick will never find us in this lot


Me checking on Mick


A bit of beach to run on ….lets go


Some very big waves coming in


Sea gulls lets go chase them


A few more photos of the waves


Now heading back along the coastal path

Looking across at one of the many ponds


A few photos as we head back


Me and Munchy waiting for mick and Flynn


Last look back at one of the ponds


Thanks for reading xx