DATE                                     29.05.2010

DISTANCE                            N/A


WEATHER                            GREY BUT DRY



Not really sure if this should go in this section because it wasn’t a walk as such, but we did spend a lot of time mooching around this area so in it goes, unfortunately I didn’t have my GPS with me so I haven’t got a clue where we went or even what direction we set off on, all I know is we had a good day, starting at the Aysgarth falls National park wandering along the well sign posted route to see the falls some info :-

Near the village of Aysgarth the River Ure tumbles over a series of broad limestone steps which are known as Aysgarth Falls. Although not particularly high the waterfalls are one of Wensleydale's most famous beauty spots (having been featured in the Kevin Costner film "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves"), with a pleasant riverside walk linking the Upper, Middle and Lower Falls.

We didn’t get lost or fall in the river and I have to say it made for a nice day out , a place that we both agreed that we would return to and do a proper walk around the area , I am certain that there is a lot more stuff to see , a few photos:-

I couldn’t tell you what set of falls  is which (blame it on old age) so don’t ask



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