DATE                             11.11.06

DISTANCE                    5.5 MILES

WEATHER                    WET AND GREY


A wet tromp around Thrunton

After our last walk up this way, we decided that there must be lots of other routes that we could do now that  we know that there are miles of forestry tracks and man-made paths that are dotted about the area and of course I was the proud owner of an ordnance survey map which had Thrunton woods marked on it, so I was time to have a mooch around other areas or seeing if we could link one path to another or one track to another , basically we was going to have a mooch around and see where we ended up .

Naturally the weather turned pants  on the drive up, but one thing that I have found is that being in the woods they tend to shelter you from the worst of the weather , even on icy cold days it always seems warmer ……..I don’t know if there actually is any difference in the air temperature but it “feels like there is” plus there is no wind and the one thing I have found is I really don’t like walking is strong gusty winds , I have little control of my arty leg at the best of times so when it is windy I really do have problems , however when it’s raining being in the woods doesn’t help.

Much to my surprise my better half would be joining me today , I fully expected her to wimp out once she saw the weather but being the trooper that she is she decided that she would join me for the day .

Parking was in the main car park and we both agreed that we would set off up the well-used path up towards Thrunton Crags where we would make the most of the benches that had been placed in the well-used view spots for coffee breaks, after all why sit down on the wet ground when there are benches provided, walking along to the crags the weather turned even worse with a low wet clag descending and ruining any chance we might have had , still never mind , from there we entered the forest along one of the many forestry roads and headed along towards “Back Walter” , I have to be honest and say if it wasn’t for the map I wouldn’t have known when we were passing Black Walter  because it looked the same as the rest of the forest , from there we carried along the track past Coe Hill where we were treated to the views of looking up at Coe Crag and Long Crags but with the weather being what it was it didn’t make for taking very good photos but that really didn’t matter , from there we stayed on the forestry track and made our way back to the car mainly due to the rain , it had just got heaver and heaver and every time the wind blew the amount of water falling off the trees was like a tropical downpour , Yvonne had a good walking coat on that was waterproof and didn’t get wet , where my old walking coat has seen better days and was more like a sheet of blotting paper and soaked up the water , I think it is time to reproof my coat or even buy a new one .

Any way we walked just under 5 and a half miles according to the GPS with about 856 ft. of the ups and downs, all easy walking perhaps we didn’t get to explore the way we wanted to but with the weather being pants and the fact that there must be miles and miles of forestry tracks yet alone footpath and bike tracks some marked some not I think that it will take many days to explore it all , and some sort of plan rather than just turning up and setting off in any direction , a few phots from today ….not many because the weather was pants.


A happy looking Yvonne

Me having a well-deserved sit down on one of the bench seats

Looking at what is the green route (not our route today)


Err trees!


A view looking towards the damp Cheviot Hills


Same again but on max zoom


Look out there ………..somewhere


Misty Cheviots

Looking down on Thrunton


Looking down

Looking up at Coe Crags

Towards Long crags


A couple more


A short break in the weather & a smile off Yvonne


Near Coe Burn


Looking up at the crags


Looking back along the forestry track


Yet another smile (she knows we are on the way back to the car)


Day after thoughts

No real problems after today’s walk , Arty leg behaved but then we didn’t do any think that should have caused problems , in fact I felt really good , normally I stiffen up during the drive home and really have to force myself to take that first step away from the car into the house , but today I got out the car sorted the gear out and carried it into the house without that agonising first few steps where the muscles have all locked / stiffened up so once again I will mark this walk up as a susses (but then aren’t all walks a susses?) and the fact that I caught a smile on Yvonne’s face must be a winner …….unless it was trapped wind !


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