DATE                          23.02.07

DISTANCE                 4.5 MILES

WEATHER                 DULL AND DAMP




After having a chat with my friend and neighbour about a recent walk that I had done  around the Alnmouth / Lesbury area he comment that despite living up here for donkeys years he had never been in that area so we decided that we would have a wander back there , in fact we would redo the same walk that I had just done , I of course didn’t mind walking the same route , I have found out that because I spend a lot of time looking at the ground in front of me when I am walking (especially when its muddy , uneven , icy etc. etc.  ) that I miss out on what’s going on around me, I make a point of stopping and looking around as much as possible but I have often found out that I have missed out lots of things to see and it’s not till I return to the same place a second time I get to see what I have missed (does that even make sense) and believe me I have walked right past some huge things and never noticed them, so redoing the same walk wasn’t a problem for me and to be honest it’s nice to have a bit of company every now and then, so times where arranged and off we went .

Parking was once again in Alnmouth, right close to the small golf course, gear was sorted and off we went , following the same route that I did a few weeks earlier see :-   for info (or the map above). The only difference was that the river was in flood after all the rain we had been having and when we got back onto the beach towards the end of the walk the tide was a fair way out so I could cut across the rocks and stones and walk back over the sandy beach.

This time I remembered to stop and get a well-deserved cup of coffee when we got back to Alnmouth ……….a few photos:

Down onto the beach ……..the tides well out


Local info sign


A few beached boats, pity is such a dull damp day

Looking back towards Church point across the harbour


A bit further along looking across to the other side


More damp weather heading our way

Looking at the river Aln its levels are up with all the rain we have been having


Close up


Further along the riverside path


A few more as we make our way along


Our path heading up the small hill


I having a well-deserved sit down


Looking back as we get up the hill looking at the flooded ground


About to leave the golf course at Foxton hall and get back onto the beach for the return leg

Looking along the beach, once I have crossed over the stones it will be easy walking for me


With the tide out, it’s possible to see these strange rocks

A couple more photos as we make our way back

  Day after thoughts.

It was a nice easy slow walk today so I didn’t have any problems with my stump or any skin breaking down, and Arty leg behaved itself so I will mark this up as a success , however it did get me thinking about “Church point” and……………time to pay it a visit I think !