DATE                                 07.02.2014

DISTANCE                         UNKNOWN

WEATHER                         BRIGHT AND SUNNY

START / FINISH                 HUXLEY    


Time for another baby walk report and it’s my turn “Munchy” to tell you all about it, we had been going out with Mick most days when he is off work and today was going to be no different as far as we  where concerned, we had been following him around the house all morning just waiting for him to give up whatever  job he was doing just so he could say the magic words “walk time” and we would be off , so far it was a no go , we had been out first thing in the morning for our normal walk , but we like our big walks along the coast someplace the only trouble was it kept raining , we got soaked this morning and mick made the mistake of letting all three of us in the house before he could get a towel and dry us the result was we dried ourselves on the settee , sheepskin rug , a quick roll over the duvet cover proved a good thing to dry oneself on , the only trouble was we had left a trail of mud all over the house and I could tell that Mick wasn’t impressed , of course he was busy trying to clean it all up before Yvonne got back in , but as he was finding out three small highly mobile fast dogs can leave a lot of muddy splatters all over the house in a matter of seconds, Mick was busy swearing at us but we all know that he doesn’t really mean it , in fact we think that he like cleaning up after us , Mick was busy muttering words like dog pound for you and “free to a good home” when Flynn came bounding in from the kitchen with Bob barking like mad , its stop raining and looks like the sun is out , great I barked back lets go and let Mick Know , Mick it appeared already knew and was busy throwing a few things into his ruck sack , ok you lot lets go , well we didn’t need telling twice and before we knew it we where all settled down in the back of the car , Just a warning boys first sign of rain and your coats will go on ok , ok we barked back , we don’t really like having to wear our coats but mick tends to worry about us getting cold so I suppose we can put up with it .

Where are we going I barked at Mick , we are going to a place called Huxley he replied , I don’t think that you have been there yet or if you have it must have been some time ago .

Great we all barked and settled down , it didn’t take long before the car stopped and we all charged out and went full pelt for the beach , we like the beach , we can run . Play and sniff and when Micks not watching we can eat any tasty stuff that’s been washed up, sometimes there are tasty crab bits to chew at.

Mick was quite happy to let us run around and play , come on boys lets head up the beach I want to have a look where the sea has washed away some of the coastline , of course it didn’t matter to us whether we went up the coastline or down it , there was one point where a small steam was flowing over the beach towards the sea , but we simply ran straight threw it , I splashed Flynn coz he is a bit of a girl when it comes to getting wet he of course ran up to Mick and was carried across so he didn’t get his paws wet ………… I said what a girl , Flynn of course just gave me that look that said “just you wait I get you later” .

A bit further along the coast mick took us into the dunes for a while, we like playing in the dunes as there are lots of places to run and hide and jump out on each other, it wasn’t long before I felt my tail being bitten and hear Flynn laugh as he let go and run off, Flynn can run very fast and knew that I couldn’t catch him “told you I would get you back” he said as he disappeared round the next dune.

We played for a bit then it was back down to the beach, there was a few people around but no other dogs to play with, mick had a chat with a few of the people about the damage to the shore line but to be honest we didn’t really care and soon we where heading back down the coast towards the car, come on said mick or we will be late for tea and I know Yvonne will be putting up something really tasty for you lot, great we barked and off we went hurtling back down to the beach towards the car .yet another good afternoon wander and the best part was the weather stayed fine .

A few photos from this afternoon, Mick has the small camera so there not to good.

Flynn on the beach about to try to cross the stream, as it was mick had to carry him (what a wuss)


Me (munchy) having a drink it was fresh water running from a stream very tasty so much better than water from the tap


Me running after Flynn after I splashed him


Looking down towards the sea, last time mick was here there were no rocks to be seen


Same again


Waiting for mick to catch up


Mick tells us that last time he was here there was just sand here and nice low level dunes, no rocks at all


Bob having a closer look

Getting off the beach for a bit and into the dunes and grass

Old money pole


Back on the beach Flynn inspecting the beach edge for damage, I really think he was hoping that a few bones might have been exposed when the sand had been washed away