DATE                                29.10.15

DISTANCE                       3.96 MILES ...WE DID LOADS MORE




Time for another adventure we think! hello Flynn here and it’s my turn to write up about one of our latest adventures where to start? Err!! …..We were all laying in the front room bay window watching the world go by, we like it here because we can see everyone who walks along the path and of course we can bark at them if we think that they are up to no good, Mick has placed big cushions and big soft blankets in the bay window for us to lay on and we have added our favourite chews and toys so it’s really snug and homely and  when the sun is out we can all lay in the window sunbathing but that wasn’t the case today , it had done nothing but rain all morning , Mick had told us that as soon as it stopped we would all go out someplace for the afternoon and so we all lay in the window looking up at the sky hoping that it would stop soon . Bob of course doesn’t mind the rain but both me and Munchy really don’t like it, of course we have our coats that are both warm and waterproof but we would sooner it stopped raining before we went out.

Mick would wander in every now and then , look and say looks like you are all going to get wet before he disappeared to carry on doing various jobs that he was busy doing ,

Feeling rather sleepy and nice and cosy I thought that I would snuggle down and grab an hours’ worth of kip , after all both Bob and Munchy was with me , it didn’t need all of us to watch the rain falling and so I snuggled down and started snoozing , next thing I knew was Munchy snuggling down on one side of me and Bob on the other side and I guess we all decided that Mick would call us when the rain stopped , its rather nice sleeping with Bob and Munchy and we haven’t all curled up together since we were all little pup’s in fact it brought back happy memories of when I first got told that this was my forever home and Bob and Munchy where going to be my brothers , I can remember that we all that small we all could fit into the smallest basket nice and snug . With these happy thoughts and my secret stash of treats safely hidden away I drifted off to sleep.

Come on Boys it’s time to wake up yelled Mick who was busy throwing stuff into his rucksack, it’s stopped raining and it’s time for us to get out, great we all barked back and had a good old stretch, after a doggy nap I like to have a good old stretch and a tummy rub, mick of course obliged and before I knew it all three of us where having our tummies rubbed by mick ……come on lets go said Mick who standing up and grabbing the rucksack …………..I thought that you three was going to keep an eye on the weather ……………not snoozing on the job , we of course informed mick that we weren’t really sleeping but he just laughed .

Charge we all went running out of the house and jumped into the car and settled down straight away, Mick informed us that we would be going to Druridge Bay for a wander …Great we all barked back we love it up that way and settled down .

It didn’t take long to get there and before we knew it mick had stopped the car and charge off we went, we have been up here loads of times and love it, there is so much to do and see, this time we walked along the grassy dunes for a bit, we played chase and spent a lot of time looking for rabbits but sadly they must be down there holes keeping dry , as we raced along the last of the grey clouds blew away and the sun came out great this meant that we would have a much longer walk , we stopped a few times for mick to have a rest , he is still having problems walking with his arty leg and needs lots of rest stops but that’s just fine with us and whenever he stops we normally have treat stop as well so all is good . And of course we take it in turns going back to check on him.

After a while we cut down onto the with all the rough weather and sea there is a lot of stuff washed up on the beach .charge we all run down to it, we love this there is always lots of interesting things to sniff at and mooch around, we met up with another dog and spent ages running and playing with her whilst mick walked along and chatted with her owner, then Bob just had to go and disgrace himself by rolling in a very smelly dead bird ….boy did he stink , mick informed Bob that he would be straight in the bath when we got back home but Bob didn’t seem to care he was strutting his stuff without a care in the world , we met up with a few other dogs and run up to them and said hello before we went chasing along the beach , we had great fun , we chased sea gulls played fetch with a ball that we found and of course we dug holes in the sand but the best fun was mooching around in the seaweed , there is so much to see and sniff at , eventually it was time to head back to the car , we didn’t mind as we had been out most of the afternoon and it was getting late ….and we didn’t want to get home late for tea .

It wasn’t till we all got in the car that the smell on Bob really stood out and mick drove home with the window cracked open , he also rung Yvonne to warn her to get the bath ready for Bob , Bob of course wasn’t bothered in the slightest .in fact he seemed rather pleased with himself .

On arriving home we all jumped out and sure enough Bob was grabbed and carried straight upstairs for a bath, Munchy & I had a good laugh about that, ten minutes a very fluffy Bob came racing down the stairs all clean and nice smelling again without a care in the world, then we all settled down in front of the fire and waited for those magic words that we were all waiting for …….Tea time!

A few photos from today...Enjoy:-

Heading along the dunes


Cows nom nom tasty (we like beef)


We can just about see the sea looks rough


We are going to head along here


Bob and Munchy


Me, waiting for mick


Off I go looking for rabbits


Both Munchy and I still sniffing around


Bob doing a high speed run back

Hiding in the fern


About to leave the dunes and go onto the beach


Heading down a steep dune


Waiting for mick to climb down before we run off


Wow look at the waves and the weed


Looking back along the beach


Some big waves


Our new friend, she can run very fast


Let’s all play chase


Birds flying away from us


Some bigger birds flying almost in the waves


Bob racing along in the water


Still chasing our new friend


And at long last the sun comes out


Me guarding a shell I found


More birds flying past


Looking back along the beach


Munchy getting ready to check up on mick’s arty leg


Having a paddle


Let’s race


Looks like the tide is on its way in


Old crab shell


Looking across the bay


Bob dog after he has rolled in something very smelly


Waves... too big for us to go swimming today


Me and Munchy getting ready to get Bob


Bob making a fast run for it

Looking along the beach


Sea foam, we like playing in this


Time to head back to the car


Me and Munchy waiting for Mick to catch up

“This way looks ok Mick “


Looking back along the path we lead mick


Last look


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on one of our walks and.................we all like treats