DATE                                     30.05.15

DISTANCE                            3.5 MILES       (WE DID LOT'S MORE )

WEATHER                            BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Hello good readers,  I hope that you are all fit & well, please sit down and get nice and comfortable……………. And I (Bob) will I tell you about our latest adventure, we all knew that would be going out for the day when Mick and Yvonne’s good friends came to stay for a short weekend break  Mick had already told us that they would be coming and could we please be good when they arrive, you know no barking, running round like mad dogs and defiantly no biting ……………I think that Mick was joking about the biting thing as we have never bitten anyone and never will , Mick then went on to say that as the biggest Dog it would be my (Bob)  job to keep the other two in line , Right Mick you can rely on me I barked and gave Munchy and Flynn a look that said that “I’m in charge” and I wont put up with any  nonsense from you two , they of course just fell over laughing , but I knew that it was just for show so I wasn’t really bothered . any way we all decided to sit in the front window so we could see them when they arrived, there was a few birds flying about which we decided not to bark at, then a cat strolled along the path and we just had to let it know that it better move it’s arse along pretty sharpest or we would be out and give it what for, the cat of course just kept walking past but I made a mental note to bark and chase it next time I saw it.

Then right out of the Blue Mick’s friends turned up, we of course run to get Mick and Yvonne and started to bark then I remembered that we where supposed to be on our best behaviour and gave both Munchy and Flynn a quick nip and told them to shut up, then before you know it Yvonne let them in, we sat quietly waiting for mick or Yvonne to introduce us , Dee & John seemed very nice and straight away made a fuss of us , there is nothing we like better than having someone make a fuss of us and of course we responded in kind and before anyone realised it we where all sitting down drinking tea with us snuggled up to them . After a lot of talking Yvonne and Dee started to drink wine and we know from other times once Yvonne hit the booze things can get very noisy and messy, we decided to move away and talk about Dog things, Where do you think mick and Yvonne will take them tomorrow asked Flynn “I’m not sure” I replied but it will have a visit to a Pub in the route someplace  lets ask Mick and went off to find him “Hey Mick where are we going tomorrow “ I asked ……I’m not really sure at the moment Bob it al depends on the weather  and what Yvonne is like …………………Mick didn’t have to say anything more ..we all know that Yvonne is a bit of a hack when it comes to walking and after a night on the booze she is even worse and sounding by the loud noise coming from Yvonne and Dee things where starting to get very messy ……o dear I think its time we went upstairs to bed and kept out of the way.


Morning soon arrived and Mick was up and had us out for our early morning walk as normal, “well mick” I asked “what’s happening” I had to ask, I think that we will be going up the coast to Craster or somewhere up that way so we can show Dee and John some of our stunning coastline Bob Mick replied but we will have to wait till they have all got up and had something to eat first. And so we returned home and much to our surprise they had nearly finished breakfast , so it was charge out of the front door and into the car and we where off for the day.hurayyyyyyy

Somehow Mick missed the turning and we found ourselves parking up in a different car park than what he planned, but that didn’t mater as it just meant walking a little bit further , we didn’t mind at all and so we all piled out of the car at Newton links and went running off onto the beach , our walk for the day took us all along the beach heading south down Beadnell bay along the “Snook” along the small beach by the “Football Hole” where there was a really bad smell , at first I thought that either Yvonne or Dee had Farted:-

but they both said that they hadn’t and after a quick look around we found not one but two dead seals that had been washed up and left on the rocks ….phew they where smelly ,

from there we followed the coastline around Newton point which was rather nice then we headed into Low newton for lunch and drinks , sadly we had to go on our leads as there was a road to cross and there was loads of other dogs , the pub “The ship inn” was packed and so we all sat outside on the green but that didn’t matter as it was a lovley day , whilst Yvonne and Dee went into the Bar to order , mick got our tasty treats out (we like tasty treats ) and poured a bowl of water out for us to have a feed and drink .

There were lots of other dogs sitting and laying around, we said hello to a few but couldn’t go and play as there wasn’t room the green was packed with people just out enjoying the sun.

After lunch it was time to head back we went back across the road and into the fields where we where let off the leads and basically followed the “St Oswald’s way” back to the car, we like these field as we think that they are slowly converting them into hay meadows as they where full of colour and flowers and they where great to run and play in. I didn’t range off to far as I wanted to keep an eye on every one, I know that Mick is ok but I wasn’t sure about Yvonne and I certainly didn’t know what Dee or John where like but everyone seemed to be enjoying the walk, I know that John enjoyed the beer back at the pub, they brew there own beer in the pubs own micro brewery and he just had to sample some.

All in all we walked about 3.4 miles we of course did loads more, every one had a good day even Yvonne didn’t have her normal “face like a smacked arse” on  …………… normal Mick took a few photo enjoy :-

Taken from the car park, we won’t be heading that way today

On the beach at Beadnell Bay, it’s a lovley sunny day so we are going to run around lots then paddle in the sea to cool off


We now leave the beach and get on the coastal path for a bit as the beach is a bit rocky looking back


A nice easy path for us to run along


Flynn and Munchy waiting for Yvonne, Dee & John to catch up


A dead Seal or should I say a very stinky dead Seal


Eider ducks swimming around

Another dead seal, Mick was hoping to see some seals today ….alive ones swimming around


Back down onto the beach for a while




Me walking with Dee, Flynn sniffing around


A couple of flowers, Primula and wild orchid?


A bit further along the coastal path


Not sure what these are could be Thrift or Sea Pink (Armeria maritima subsp. maritima) (don’t know why Mick is taken photos of these flowers today)


Rocky section of the beach


Still sniffing, Flynn & Munchy finally start to catch up



Looking at the grassy fields, we are not sure but it looks like they are turning them into hay meadows


Looking across the bay towards Dunstanburgh Castle

Taken on a bigger zoom

Looking down at the sea ….it’s like a mill pond today and very inviting .but I bet it is still really cold


The Ship Inn at Low Newton …lunch time


Heading back after stuffing our faces ……………Looking back


Looking down at what used to be a RAF early warning radar (now owned by the NT)


Mick drops back to take a photo


Old stone water trough


Still heading back


Last minute stop before we reach the car park


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you out there sometime xx