DATE                               06.02.14

DISTANCE                       6.4 MILES

WEATHER                       BRIGHT AND SUNNY



A make up walk

To say I was feeling gutted was an understatement , I had called off my first walking trip this year across the lakes due to the rotten weather the day before , only to wake up and find that today “Sunday”  was a lovley bright sunny day …….sigh!

Still no need to feel too down, I can always get across the lakes another time or so I kept telling myself. (That really didn’t help) however in a moment of pure genius I decided to make the most of the weather and take the pups out someplace different.

Due to there low ground clearance and the soaking wet ground I haven’t been able to get them out for full day walks other than the beach because they just get too wet and cold, even with there waterproof thermal line coats on they still seem to get soaking wet, but after some serious thinking I thought about a walk up at Thrunton woods and if we stick to the forestry “fire” roads the ground should be ok. so that was the plan for today , no route not even a distance planned , just out with the Pups for a days wander .

The boys seemed to agree with this and spent the time I was sorting my gear out going mental around the house, running jumping and generally being daft mutts. I did ask my better half if she would like to join me for the day, but the look on her face told me that the answer would be a no and why am I even  asking her pre haps when its warmer I stand a chance .

Gear and boys where sorted out and thrown into the car (the boys weren’t thrown they jumped in) and off we went, I decided to park up away from the main car park at Thrunton woods, this was mainly due to the fact I couldn’t be arsed to put the boys on there leads, (something I always do when there are cars around) so it was a case of gear on let the dog out (isn’t that a song) and off we went.

As planned (what I planned something !) we where walking on the forestry fire tracks and as I hoped they where dry , great at least I wont have to be concerned about the boys getting soaked straight away . I decided there and then that I would stick to these tracks as long as possible for the pup’s sake more than anything.

Getting a late ish start meant that there was loads of folks out either making the most of the fine weather and getting a breath of fresh air into there lungs or people like myself out with there dogs, I can honestly say I have never talked so much to various people, everyone seemed to be in a good mood …………………it’s surprising what a bit of sunshine and a clear blue sky can do.

Of course the Pup’s love all the people and dogs and spent ages sniffing and playing, at one point I didn’t think that we would get very far at all but there is only so much you can talk about to total strangers then we was off, as I had already written I didn’t want to venture up to the crags as I knew it would be a soaking wet mess (not that I’m bothered you understand) but I have got to look after the boys. So I decided that I would simply follow the boys and go where they are going (nothing really new then) and I was more than happy to tag along.

Bob of course was miles out in front (well not miles but a fair way) Munchy and Flynn tend to stay much closer and where quite happy just tagging along, I called Bob on several occasions and I will say this for him ……he total ignored me until I mentioned treats then it was full speed high speed run back to me ……… about selective hearing , but he never once went out of eye sight and would sit and wait for us at any bend in the track so I cant really find fault with that.

The sun was shinning Arty leg was behaving and the Boys where being good what more can you ask for on a Sunday morning? And despite feeling gutted about missing out on what turned out to be a good meet up in the lakes I found my mood getting better and better .as I wandered along.

Bob was quite happy leading the way , the other two pups would run and join him for a bit , every now and then they would all disappear into the trees having a mooch around or sniff .

Lunch was had sitting on a pile of harvested trees, the boys doing there best to eat my sarnie and only started eating there food once mine was gone. Then we where off again, we past Callaly Crags which gave us excellent views towards a snow covered Cheviot , I couldn’t help thinking that I really do need to get out there sooner rather than later , then I made my first mistake of the day , we left the road and headed along a well used path ……………………Big mistake this well used path turned into a muddy quagmire and within minutes the Pups where soaking wet , just to make matter worse the sun went behind the clouds and the temperature  dropped , time to pick the pace up a bit , the path was almost impossible to walk along so I decided to cut along a deer track , again not the best decision  as it was very overgrown in places but at least we where out of the mud , the Boys seem to enjoy this and run off to explore , still whilst they are running they will be generating a bit of heat and the grass was slowly wiping off all the mud of there coats .

Sure enough twenty  minutes later when we burst out of a clearing onto a forestry track they where in much better condition,  I took advantage of this a quickly put there coats on at least they should stay warm was my thinking , time to head back I think !.

Knowing the area very well I decided to head back to the car via the shortest route, the sky was now very dark and the wind blowing over the snow caped Cheviots had a very cold feel to it, as it was we got back to the car and sorted out as the heavens opened up for a wet sleety shower.

About 6.4 miles with around 900 ft. of the ups and downs mostly on very easy walking conditions (apart from the muddy section)

A short but very enjoyable walk thanks

As normal a few photos

The pups







The boys sniffing around

A bit further along, looking up towards coe crags (we won’t be going up there today)

A bit closer


Old tree, I normally have a sit down and sort my gear out at this spot as you can see it’s a lovley day

With every where so wet, I couldn’t believe how dry it was along this track

Looking up at the Crags


Bob and Munchy


A section that has been harvested


Munchy playing in the grass


Now at Callaly Crags looking towards the snow covered Cheviots


The view from a bit further along

Flynn heading towards a rabbit hole


A couple more photos showing the views


The good track has finished now and the path shows sign of breaking down in places


Last look back at Callaly Crags


Heading down, the path slowly getting worse


The boys leading the way


Now on what I believe is a deer trail


Come on Mick keep up


Looking across towards Coe crags


 Despite having a good mooch around we couldn’t find any sign of these bee hives


Looking up towards the crags


Now back on a dry walking surface


Munchy with his coat on (he wasn’t impressed)


Heading back to the car now




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