DATE                        05.05.2010

DISTANCE               2.04 MILES

WEATHER               DULL BUT DRY



Small walk around Alwinton

This walk was going to be one of the walks for the not so able that I had surveyed for the Northumberland National parks people and with a couple of small changes could have been very successful however due to one reason or another it never really happened but its still a pleasant walk so …………….

Taken from my notes:-

I'm going to class this small walk as yet another starter route for several reasons .the main reason is its just under two miles , however it ticks all my boxes, for example :

There are toilet facilities both at the start / finish and about half way round.

There is also food and drinks available at the start and half way round.

The pick up points for cars is about 80% of the route, yet you would never realise it when walking.

The walking conditions are very good with a bit of all types of surface to walk on, which is never a bad thing, after all to walk safely on all types of terrain we do need to practise on it.

I mean I have never come across an outside surface that is like the floor in the limb centre, so practise and a bit more practise.

Ok the walk

Park the car at the car park at Alwinton, there are toilets here, even disabled toilets however I have never been in the disabled toilets because they operate on the key system, and I haven’t been bothered to get a key, in fact I wouldn’t even know how to even apply to get one. But getting back to the main point the gents is always clean and tidy, I don’t know about the ladies because I never been in there.

On leaving the car park turn left and head back down the main street ( there is only one street) cross the village green (which despite the grand title is only 20 foot wide )over the cross over the Hosden Burn via the footbridge. From there turn left and head up Clennell Street (it well signposted so you can’t go wrong).

At this point the “street” is on a metallic road but after 50 meters or so it turns into a stone/ mud track.

Total distance walked was 2.04 miles with 160 ft of the ups and downs


First photo showing where the track turns from metallic to stone /mud (this short section that you can see is the worst bit, after 50 meters it is possible to walk on the grass verges.


As you slowly climb the views start to open up, (it is a very gradual climb) looking left towards Lords seat


The track ahead, note the lambs out.


A couple of the new youngsters.


Looking back down the track. A distant Harbottle forest in the distance.


Mum comes to collect her little one. (We turn right just up ahead a little bit)


Now in the grass meadows heading towards Clennell Hall


Looking round


Mum and a couple of youngsters, they are really not bothered about me.


General views

Herd of cow with Clennell Hill in the back ground


Looking back along the grass path, it really is easy to walk on this type of surface


NOW the only tricky bit on this walk over a stile followed by   a small downhill section that leads to the footbridge over the river Alwin.

Looking along the red road

Have now crossed over the river and looking towards Clennell Hall.


The posh entrance to Clennell Hall, it  has like all good halls has  a restaurant and a bar , now having been in the bar on several occasions they are not bothered about hiking boots etc. , so it may be worth a visit even for a comfy   sit down and coffee.


A few primular plants just starting to open, the whole bank is covered with them


The river still showing sign of this winters floods.

A dead Badger, sadly I see more badgers dead than alive nowadays and that’s sad


At this point you can walk back either along the river or walk back along the road, the road itself is hardly used so you don’t have to worry about the traffic.

Looking back up into the hills


Alwinton and its sports field


And again

 The small burn running past the village green


Heading up the main (only) street towards the car park, passing the Rose and Thistle pub.

If open it well worth a visit, there is a small room at the front of the building what the locals use , however if you go into the back room it is a much larger room and they do really good food , and what’s even better they do homemade meals including chips .

Seeing that I was in the area and hadn’t taken very long to do this walk I decided to drive up the valley and survey another walk for the not so able link:-


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