DATE                          07.04.16

DISTANCE                 6.2 MILES



Mick was up early today and I could tell that he had something planned for us by the way he was acting, Mick was trying to look like it was just a normal day, but we knew different “what’s mick up to” asked Bob after mick looked out the window and smiled, I’m not sure I replied but I think that we will be heading out for a day’s wander someplace, are you sure Munchy said Bob you know that now that we have had our hair cut he’s not allowed to get us cold or wet ……..but if it’s a warm sunny day let’s hope he does take us out for the day why don’t you ask him .

Hey Mick I barked... Are you taking us out for the day or what? , Mick just smiled and replied that it’s a nice day , no rain so yes we would be heading off out after breakfast ……Great I barked and run off to inform Bob who was busy mooching around for Flynn’s secret stash of treats, Bob loves his walks and started to run around , I had no choice but join him in a couple of high speed turns around the settee , Flynn on the other hand wasn’t that happy and snuggled down in his bed and informed us that he wasn’t getting up until the last possible moment , sometimes Flynn is really a hacky lazy dog or he pretends to be but we all know that once we get out and providing it’s not wet and its nice and warm and Mick has a stash of treats on him  Flynn just loves his walks as well , but he likes to pretend that he doesn’t so he gets lots of attention of Yvonne and Kerri , who regularly give Mick a rollicking for wearing him out , when really all Flynn is really after is a few extra minutes cuddling in with the girls …………Like we have said in the past Flynn really is a girly dog .

Anyway breakfast was soon woofed down and we were ready to go, Mick I had noted had packed lots of extra treats and food for us and he did groan when he lifted the rucksack so it must have been full of extra tasty stuff for us because it was that heavy, Mick has joked that he is going to get us doggy coats with built in pockets so we can carry our stuff but we know he’s joking because they don’t make them that small. After much puffing and a bit of huffing he loaded up the car, we jumped in and settled down and we were off.

We had one stop on the way and that was at the sarnie shop and before I could even ask I heard Mick saying that he will get extra roast beef for us all and won’t be a minute and that was that, mick was as good as his word and within a few minutes we was whizzing along the road heading towards …………..Well I didn’t actually know where was heading but we was whizzing along anyway ………..err Mick I barked where are we going? Well Munchy we are going to Warkworth then heading along the coastal path towards Church point where we shall have dinner then head back along the does that sound , Sounds good to us I barked and settled down again , we all know that Mick doesn’t like a lot of noise when he is driving , Anyway it wasn’t long before we pulled into the car park and Mick went into his normal routine of reading us the riot act, I don’t know why he bothers because we do what we want to do anyway ..unless Mick puts on his cross voice then we behave, any way once mick had his gear on and sorted he let us out and it was charge straight down the path towards the beach, But there was hundreds of dog walkers all doing the same, I noticed that some lady was asking Mick what breed we was and was feeling pretty smug when he told her we was Northumberland Dingo’s, she looked a bit confused but as she made a fuss of us it didn’t matter , then her dog returned and wanted to play , Mick said it was ok and before we knew it ,not only was we playing with her dog but lots of other dogs joined in as well , it was great fun of course some of the other owners wasn’t too happy  when there dogs joined in and there was a lot of shouting and Barking going on and at one time there must have been twenty dogs all running round chasing each other , I lost track of who we were chasing but chased anyone who happened to be passing just as we were chased after ten minutes or so things calmed down and we said our good buys and headed off along the Coastal path , our route for the day would keep us on the path till we got to Church point where we would have dinner then cut back along the beach , we had lots of rest stops and had great fun mooching around the sand dunes looking for rabbits , we met up with a few other walkers and the odd dog and said hello , but most of the time we ran and played , at each rest stop mick would make coffee and give us some tasty treats but really we were ready for dinner when we got our roast beef yum yum , after lunch we had a wander back along the beach , Bob chased sea gulls and we played tag , I found an very nice bit of dead fish that I thought would be very tasty but before I could eat it Mick grabbed it and threw it into the sea ………..sometimes Mick can be mean .

According to Mick GPS thingy we walked about 6.2 miles and he’s put a map on so you can do this walk yourselves we of course did zillions more miles …anyway a few photos enjoy

Showing the start of our route along the coastal way

Me (Munchy) with Bob


Waiting for Mick & Flynn at our first rest stop


Looking out to sea


We leave the coastline and cut up here across the golf course only to cut back across in a few hundred meters or


Looking out to sea


Looking towards the small caravan site


Now walking along the coastline again


Bob and Flynn mooching, we all got a drink of water from here …very tasty


Looking back towards the caravan site


Looking ahead towards Alnmouth Bay (looks like the tide is out as well)


Looking towards Alnmouth


And off we go looking for rabbits


Having a sniff around


Old building ….no I haven’t got a clue about it


The path towards Church point


It’s a bit wet and muddy in places


Old drift wood washed up in these mud flats


Looks like Bob has found a dry path across


Showing the destroyed ww2 bunker with the old church in the background


Looking across the river mouth towards Alnmouth


The old church


Heading up towards the wooden cross looking back down


Looking back at the mud flats


The cross with Anlmouth in the background


Just look at all the people on the beach …so glad our beach is empty


Looking back


Not sure what is engraved on this bit of stone (a job for goggle another day)


Cutting back down looking back at the flats


Now walking along towards the mouth of the river Aln (lots of drift wood to sniff around)


Same again




Flynn and me looking down a rabbit hole


Me Munchy after my short hair cut


For a while we walk in these dunes


Then we cut down onto the beach


Looking back we have it all to ourselves


Looking towards the caravan site


Looking and sniffing around some rocks


Still exploring


Now at Birling Carrs

Looking back


Looking along the beach


Old wrecked rowing Boat


Not sure what these are for we found that there was quite a few built along the shore line


Now heading back to the car park, this is part of the golf course


Looking towards Amble (a trip for another day I think)


Thanks for reading, and if you ever see us on our travels, just remember that we are very friendly and love treats xxxxx Munchy, Bob and Flynn